oral tips

12 Tips to Make Oral Amazing

For most people, oral sex is already amazing enough without even working on improving it, but for those of us out there who are always striving to make a good thing even better, I bring you tips on how to make oral even better than it already is… To be honest, oral is always amazing…

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10 orgasms

10 Things You Need to Know About Her Orgasm

Men often complain that women are impossible to understand. They say that men and women just “function” differently. Do you think that is true? One thing is for sure, when it comes to sexuality, men and women tend to be very different. Most men orgasm pretty easily without a lot of problems, but women, on…

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can't get hard

Help! I can’t get hard

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing “can’t get hard” or “can’t stay hard” moments? Did it really freak you out and make you feel like less of a man? If that describes how you felt, then stop right now. I want you to know that erection problems have happened to EVERY guy out…

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AFE zone

Could This Be the New G-Spot?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard all the hype about the G spot. It’s been said to be the superior kind of orgasm to the clitoral orgasm. Many women have lusted for it and their partners have longed to give it to them, but not everyone has been able to achieve it, which has led to…

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low libido

If she stops wanting sex, something is wrong

“It’s been a long day. I need one of those hugs that turn into sex.” Early on in a relationship, you and your partner spend so much time in bed, there’s little point in even making it. You had passion, you had electricity, and you had sex – lots of it! Then as the months…

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boring sex

How not to bore your girl in bed

“I swear to you I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name” I once heard a stand-up comedian say, “Sex with the same person is like eating the same type of cereal all the time – boring”. For starters, anyone who can compare sex to eating cereal has never…

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deal with PE

What’s the deal with premature ejaculation?

What is premature ejaculation? Some experts refer to it as early ejaculation and others call it premature ejaculation. It has been defined as ejaculating before the person wants to ejaculate. Many people think that this can be clearly defined within a certain time period, but it is actually defined simply as, before or very shortly…

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anal foreplay

9 Anal Sex Foreplay Tips

Okay, you should all know by now that foreplay needs to be a part of sex… every. time. You know that, right? Even with a quickie, there is always some kind of foreplay to get her in the mood, even if it’s brief. Well, when it comes to anal sex, foreplay is just as important,…

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erotic back

Erotic Massage – The Back Rub That Will Leave Her Begging For More

It’s been a long day. You can tell the moment she walks in the door that your partner has had a tough one. It’s written all over her face. She has that look, as if to say, “you won’t believe what I’ve had to deal with today.” You might have been hoping to relieve a…

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cure sex rut

7 Cures for the Long Term Sex Rut

Everyone in a long term relationship knows what I’m talking about when I say “sexual rut.” Even if you are one of the few and lucky people who have a pretty good sex life after years of being with your partner, I’m willing to bet that it’s still quite different from what it once was….

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