Tonight’s Sex Plan – Fingering!

There is something that you can do tonight that she’s going to love, and it’s probably something you haven’t done for a really long time. I’m talking about fingering. It’s probably something you do every once in awhile during foreplay, or it might be something you haven’t done since you were a teenager. Either way,…

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9 tantric tricks

9 Easy Ways to Have Tantric Sex

A lot of people are turned off by tantric sex without ever really knowing exactly what it is and how it’s done. They associate it with 10 hour long sex sessions, kink or new-age type thinking and assume, “it’s not for me.” But tantric sex is actually a lot different than you think. Practicing tantric…

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increase desire

7 Ways to Get in the Mood!

Let’s be honest. You might LOVE sex but there might be days when you’re just not in the mood. The general assumption is that men always want sex and are always up for it, any time, any day, just say the word. But that’s actually not the case for a lot of guys. There are…

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mood positions

Sex Positions to Fit the Mood

Do you always go with the same tried and true sex positions no matter what? If the answer is yes, it’s time to change things up! Sex positions are like music. You need to choose a position that fits the mood and you’re not always going to be in the same mood every time you…

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10last longer

10 Simple Ways to Last Longer in Bed

There is a lot of bad information out there on how to last longer. It’s particularly bad because some of the advice you find on the Internet could actually make a guy come a lot faster, instead of last longer. It’s definitely a hot topic, which is why there is so much information out there,…

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new G zone

Finally! The Truth About the G Spot

The G spot orgasm is one of those elusive sexual acts. Some people have found the G spot and swear that it’s the best thing that has ever happened to their sex life. Others have tried to locate it and have failed. Some love it, some like it and others hate it. Even the experts…

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satisfied woman

6 Natural Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Whether you have a problem with premature ejaculation or you just want to be able to hold off longer on your orgasm, almost every guy out there would love to be able to last longer. You might worry that you’re the only guy out there that worries about how long he lasts, but that’s definitely…

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desire moves

4 Brand New Moves to Make Her Want You More

What do you do when you want sex more than she does? How can you convince her to have sex more without feeling like she’s only doing it to shut you up. You want her to WANT sex like you do. You want her to initiate sometimes. You want her to go crazy with desire…

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best oral sex

7 Tips to the Best Oral Sex She’s Ever Had

I think we can all agree that oral sex is one of the best things in life. It’s wet, it’s warm, it feels… nothing short of amazing when it’s done right. Men love it, women love it, it’s a way to give completely to your partner without taking anything in return. Oral is great, however,…

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7 Ways to Electrify Missionary Sex

The missionary position is the old standard when it comes to sex positions. It’s sometimes associated with inexperienced young couples or boring older couples who have sex once a year. But is the missionary position really just a boring, old standard? I say, no way! The missionary position is a great sex position with a…

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