public sex

The Logistics of Public Sex

One of the hottest fantasies that both men and women share is getting it on in a public place. Almost everyone has fantasized about sex in public at least once or twice, many have considered it in the heat of the moment, and other braver souls have accomplished it. What about you, my sexy reader?…

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Anal Play is Good for Your Health!

When most straight guys think of anal play, they think of themselves doing things to their female partners, but you might be surprised that anal play can include your bum too! That idea might have you ready to close this article right now, but just wait and read on. Anal play for men is practiced…

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Get Kinky Right Now

After the release of the book series 50 Shades of Grey and the movie release, many men and women who otherwise knew very little about BDSM had their interest peaked. Before this, BDSM was something that many people either knew absolutely nothing about or they had very low opinions about it (many times because they…

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last longer attitude

Last Longer with A Simple Change in Attitude

Any man who has ever worried about his performance or how long he lasts in bed has probably longed for the quick fix that would make him last as long as he always wanted. Most men would simply like to be able to have more control over when they cum, in order to be sure…

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What She’s Thinking When You’re Down There

Oral sex is an amazing thing. It feels wonderful and for women, it’s an incredibly intimate act. Some women will feel seriously vulnerable with you down between her legs. Others might feel seriously powerful. Have you ever wondered what she might be thinking and feeling about your work down there? If you’re at all doubtful…

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female genitalia

Your Guide to How She Works

There is something very basic to know about women that can help you immensely when it comes to giving her pleasure. Even though this information is basic, somehow it still isn’t common knowledge. I’m talking about the ins and outs of female anatomy. For many men the female genitalia is confusing and even intimidating! But…

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Is She Faking It?

All of the guys that visit my site and read my articles have one important thing in common: they want to be better lovers and they come to me to find out how to do it. One dilemma a lot of guys have is that they don’t know if the things they are doing are…

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Hot and Sexy Home Videos!

Almost everyone out there has a little bit of voyeur / exhibitionist in them. There is something about being watched that is a huge turn on. And at the same time there is something about watching that is also naughty and taboo. There is a fun and sexy way that you can do both with…

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anal love vs hate

Love and Hate and Anal Sex

A lot of men love anal sex, but women? Not so much. They tend to have more of a love/hate relationship with it. Even if a woman likes anal sex, she is rarely as obsessed with it as some men can be. While women might not fully understand the draw of anal sex for men,…

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back positions

Ease the Pain Through Sex

Let’s face it, one of the facts of life of being an adult is that slowly but surely your body will start changing, and I’m not talking about getting better. Your back will hurt some days, you’ll have new aches and pains, and you just won’t feel like yourself. Unfortunately for many couples this might…

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