sexual response

Understanding Her Sexual Response

You have probably found yourself puzzled by the female sexual response many times throughout your life. Why do women seem to respond to sex so differently? Why don’t the same things turn you on that turns her on? Why does it seem like it takes her forever to be turned on when you just have…

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pin her up

Pin Her Against the Wall

There is something so incredibly hot about being tossed up against the wall and ravished by your partner. Take it from me, a well timed gesture like this can really turn a woman on, in no time, flat. However, as with all things sexual, sometimes the idea of something is a lot more simple in…

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mouth orgasms

Mouth Orgasms

Not long ago I shared an article about how to strengthen your tongue to make it into an even better love machine than it already is. Let’s think about the mouth for just a minute. It’s warm, wet and strong. It has a lot of the same characteristics of another favorite body part for you…

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sexual bucket list

Sexual Bucket List

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Well, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die. It shouldn’t sound morbid, it’s actually a great way to make sure you realize some of your life’s dreams and goals. On your typical bucket list you might find things like: visit Antarctica, climb…

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oral exercises

Make Your Tongue into a Love Machine

What can a guy do to make sure he is a master at oral pleasure? Learning all the best techniques and figuring out what your partner loves is definitely at the top of the list, but there is also something else. Do you ever find your mouth and tongue getting sore and tired, but your…

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Give Her a Spank!

There is something so thrilling about being a little naughty in bed. We all like different things. Some of us might like to get really down and dirty in the bedroom. Others like more “vanilla” sex, perhaps believing that sex is just wonderful in its purest and simplest form. Either way, there are a lot…

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breast orgasm

How to Give a Breast Orgasm

There are some guys out there who are serious breast men. They could sit around and play with their partner’s breasts all day long and never get bored. But unless you really know what you’re doing, your partner might not be that interested in having her breasts fondled endlessly. Sure, she likes it for a…

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sex toy

Use Toys to Take it to the Next Level!

Sex toys can add an exciting, new element to your intimate relationship with your partner, but many couples don’t even know where to begin when thinking about how to start using them. Where does one begin? How do I bring it up to a partner? What should I buy and where from? The following article…

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public sex

The Logistics of Public Sex

One of the hottest fantasies that both men and women share is getting it on in a public place. Almost everyone has fantasized about sex in public at least once or twice, many have considered it in the heat of the moment, and other braver souls have accomplished it. What about you, my sexy reader?…

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Anal Play is Good for Your Health!

When most straight guys think of anal play, they think of themselves doing things to their female partners, but you might be surprised that anal play can include your bum too! That idea might have you ready to close this article right now, but just wait and read on. Anal play for men is practiced…

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