her hot breasts

CONTINUED! 9 Things You MUST Do to Her Breasts

Hey stud, I’m glad you came back for more tips on how to stimulate and pleasure her breasts. If you don’t remember, her breasts are an extremely important erogenous zone that deserves your attention. Think about something for me: how much time do you spend touching your partner’s breasts during foreplay? Think about your answer…

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9 breast tips

9 Things You MUST Do to Her Breasts

One of the very first things you probably notice about a woman is her breasts. There are a lot of men out there that are downright obsessed with boobs, but even those that aren’t totally crazy about them admit that they are still an important part of their attraction to a woman. With all of…

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finger HER

What You NEED to Know Before Fingering Her

Okay, guys, I’m not going to waste your time going on and on about how a lot of guys don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to manually stimulating their woman. You might not think of fingering as something you do to bring your partner to orgasm. Maybe it’s just something you do for…

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touch yourself

Touching yourself can make you a better lover?!

The title of this article might have hooked you into clicking on it to read it right away, but I promise you, this isn’t just a flashy title meant to catch your attention. You can actually masturbate on a daily basis AND be a better lover. No, I’m not talking about jerking off in order…

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sex news you must know

Sex news you must know

For centuries, men have been told how complicated a woman’s body is, especially sexually. And while it’s true that chicks don’t have a point-and-shoot anatomy, new research shows they have just as much pleasure potential as men. I got my hands on some recent groundbreaking studies that debunk the long-standing conventional wisdom about female desire…

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what not to do in bed

What NOT to do in bed

Most women aren’t going to tell you to your face that one of your mattress moves isn’t hitting the mark… but I got them to tell me all about the techniques that usually leave them less than enthralled. I’m sure no one could ever accuse you of lacking in the sexual dynamo department, but despite…

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tongue sex

Oral Sex: The Power of Your Tongue

The tongue is an extremely strong muscle in the human body. We use our tongues all the time, all throughout the entire day… to eat, talk, swallow, and even for activities a little more exciting, like kissing, licking, sucking and sex. The tongue is an extremely important body part when it comes to sex. You…

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confess hot spots

Women Confess: Her Secret Hot Spots

There are so many wonderfully sensitive parts on a woman’s body that can be touched and stimulated to make her experience of sex even better. These areas of her body are called the erogenous zones. You might be surprised to find out that a woman’s secret hot spot isn’t just her breasts or clitoris, there…

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breast confession

Women Confess: The Breasts

If there is one part of the body that men especially rave about, it would be the breasts. You see men’s love for them everywhere you look: movies, advertisements, music…it’s impossible to escape. Knowing how much men love breasts, you would think they would all be experts at playing with them, but shockingly, this isn’t…

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ensure last longer

3 Ways to Ensure You Last Longer Tonight

If you know the statistics about male vs female orgasms, you know that men and women don’t always seem to be well matched when it comes to pleasure. For example, the average man only lasts about 2 minutes once he has penetrated his partner, vs the average woman who can take between 15 to 20…

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