easy tantra

5 New Easy Ways to Have Tantric Sex

One of the things that usually turns people off to tantric sex is that they don’t know much about it. Not knowing much about it, they assume that it’s only for “hippie types” or the very spiritual. You might also assume that tantric sex is complicated and hard to learn. I’m here to tell you…

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6 Things She Thinks About Your Naked Body

Some think that we are at our most vulnerable when we’re in the nude. Others are never more comfortable when they’re in their most “natural state.” Either way, a lot of men wonder what their partners really think when they’re naked in front of them. We all know women tend to worry about how they…

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hot spots

6 Secret Orgasmic Hot Spots

Those who know a lot about the human body and how it works know that there are many surprising little hot spots that can trigger sexual feelings in the body. Some of them can be found in the most surprising places. I’m not talking about the obvious pleasure zones, like the clitoris, vagina, or the…

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breast pleasure

Turbocharged Breast Pleasure

One area that women don’t tend to get enough attention and pleasure is from their breasts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men don’t give breasts enough of their love, we all know a lot of guys are obsessed with them, but they don’t get the kind of sexual attention they really…

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My anal sex story

Hi boys, I have some a little different planned for today’s article. A female friend of mine recently had anal sex with her long term partner for the first time. She had her doubts going into it, but eventually decided that she wanted to give it a try, thinking that if she didn’t like it…

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HOT Alternatives to Penetrative Sex

Have you ever heard the baseball analogy of sex? I’m sure you have. Depending on who you ask, 1st base is kissing, 2nd base is feeling up her breasts, 3rd base is usually a hand job and fingering, and a home run is, of course, penetrative intercourse. These were probably the terms that you used…

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Seduction Guide – Seduce Your Partner in 6 Steps

The art of seduction. Seduction is truly an art form if done the right way. To seduce is not just having sex. It’s not just foreplay. It’s desire, it’s intimacy, it’s consideration, passion, and fire. It’s thinking of and taking care of every last detail. To seduce is to leave a lasting impression on your…

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hip sex moves

Move Those Hips!

Sometimes the key to a really killer sex position is not just how you place your body, but how you actually move it when you’re in position. Good sex can be like dancing. You need to have the right moves on the dance floor. It’s not just about methodically doing the steps, you need move…

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sexual response

Understanding Her Sexual Response

You have probably found yourself puzzled by the female sexual response many times throughout your life. Why do women seem to respond to sex so differently? Why don’t the same things turn you on that turns her on? Why does it seem like it takes her forever to be turned on when you just have…

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pin her up

Pin Her Against the Wall

There is something so incredibly hot about being tossed up against the wall and ravished by your partner. Take it from me, a well timed gesture like this can really turn a woman on, in no time, flat. However, as with all things sexual, sometimes the idea of something is a lot more simple in…

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