How to Give Her a Boobgasm

How to Give Her a Boobgasm

Think her breasts are just fun bags for you? Think again…

Nipple play before and during sex can enhance arousal, finds a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The effect? The potential for a more intense climax. More shocking> some women have reported having orgasms from breast play alone! But what’s behind these boobgasms? Mostly, her brain. Nipple stimulation activates the same part of the sensory cortex as both clitoral and vaginal stimulation do. In plain-speak: rubbing her headlights ignites her noggin’s feel-good centre. And when her upper and lower parts are simultaneously engaged, it can lead to a mind-blowing release.

What Is a Boobgasm?

It’s no secret that the female body is complex, and female orgasms even more so. Chances are you’ve heard all about how many nerve endings are in the clitoris and the elusive mystery of the G spot orgasm. But intimate contact isn’t limited to the vagina. 

If you want to please a woman more fully, it’s best to learn your way around all the erogenous zones, including the breasts — especially the nipples. With lots of practice and a little creativity, you may even be able to give her boobgasm

Guys, I know what you’re thinking — but yes, this is a real thing! For some women, it is possible to stimulate this zone enough to reach a full-blown orgasm. At the very least, paying attention to the area — in addition to other efforts like oral sex and clitoral stimulation — can greatly enhance the pleasure and power of an orgasm. If she doesn’t reach orgasm from breast play alone, the worst case is that you’ve revved her up with some serious foreplay! 

If you want to learn how to give her a boobgasm, let’s start with some science. 

The Science Behind the Boobgasm

Keep in mind that an orgasm from breast play alone isn’t possible for every woman, and some women don’t even particularly like breast or nipple stimulation. That’s why it’s crucial to talk openly with your partner about what she wants before attempting this. However, if she’s down to give it a shot, there are a few science-backed reasons you should understand to increase your chances. 

When learning how to give her a boobgasm, you’ll need to spend time focusing on the most sensitive area: the nipples. And there’s actually a scientific reason for this. Touching, teasing, and stimulating the breasts and nipples can both cause arousal and enhance it. If the arousal is great enough, it can lead to muscle contractions associated with orgasm — in some cases, without any genital stimulation. In fact, a 2016 study reported that about 12% of women are capable of achieving orgasm from stimulation of erogenous zones other than the genitals.

Why do you have nips

You don’t feed babies, so why do your nipples exist? Because that’s how the male embryo develops, but nipples can also enhance your orgasm, since they trigger the same zone in your brain as stimulating your penis does. That’s the theory. In reality, only 52 percent of dudes have “arousable” nipples, according to studies. Wondering if you’re among that group? Ask your partner to try a small rub with her thumb and forefinger, applying slight pressure then licking all over. If you moan, yep, she’s found a spot.

How to Give Her a Boobgasm: 6 Tips for Success

Here, some guidance for getting your girl’s girls in on all the awesome erogenous action. No tatas left behind…

Touching her tatas

Licking, flicking and tweaking… there’s no wrong turn on the road toward nipple euphoria. Along the way, be sure to communicate and practice with your partner to figure out what makes her happy. For the maximum chance at achieving the elusive boobgasm, I suggest treating the nipple like a clitoris. Avoid going right for it. Sometimes, less is more. Start by slowly tracing your fingers around her side boob and armpit area, then go for her areolae, inching ever closer to the centre. If her nips get hard or feel tingly, your moves are working. Cup her breasts and use your fingers to gently squeeze her nipples, or lay the tips with a bit of tongue before gently kissing and sucking on them. Ah, bliss. Also, like clitoral touching, it is better to use moisture as opposed to “dry rubbing” the nipple. Blowing a steam of breath onto a wet nipple can also be very thrilling and can cause clitoral contractions.

Listening in

Some more advanced experimentation can prompt an even more explosive boob orgasm. Try circling her nips with a small vibrator, a warming lubricant, ice-cubes, or – for an extreme adventure – nipple clamps. But only do this once she is fully aroused – erect nipples can tolerate more stimulation. Mixing up pressure and how you’re handling the breast and nipple will create waves of pleasure… hopefully leading to a memorable grand finale. That being said, don’t force it. If her girls are feeling tender, sore or aching for any reason, stimulating them is more likely to prompt an ouch than an orgasm. So respect her twins by letting them act the part of passive bystanders until they’re ready to come and join the party again.

Titillating Textures

Even men who are well-equipped in the bedroom can benefit from a little outside help.  Sometimes, learning how to give a boobgasm requires some creativity and experimentation. One way to keep her gasping is by varying the mode of stimulation with a range of different textures via props, toys and tools.

For example, you can amp up the foreplay by slowly dragging a silk cloth or feather over her aroused nipples. If it’s more you and your partner’s style, you can try using a riding crop to gently caress, flick, or slap the nipples or breasts. Play with temperature by sucking an ice cube before licking and sucking the nipples, or ask if she’s interested in drips of hot wax on her skin. Nearly anything could serve as a prop if you and your partner are feeling adventurous.

Tease Her and Please Her

As relationships develop and partners become intimately familiar with each other’s bodies, reading every sign of pleasure becomes easier. I can’t emphasize this point enough: read those signs carefully! Knowing what makes her feel good allows you to more fully explore the nuances of different areas, including the breasts, and take your time building up to a boobgasm.

Eliciting an orgasm without ever touching her vagina or clitoris requires time, creativity, and dedication. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to figuring out how to give her a boobgasm, so continue to be patient and take your time. Tease with your hands, lips, tongue, and facial hair. Draw it out and see what makes her gasp, moan, and writhe with pleasure. Explore every inch of her skin to discover what triggers the greatest response so you can hone your skills to help her reach the big climax.

Play with Pressure

When you get a massage, you probably notice that massage therapists vary their techniques and use different levels of pressure. If they just rubbed one spot for an hour, you’d probably get irritated, not to mention chafed. To elicit a breast massage orgasm, you’ll need to employ a range of pressures and motions to discover exactly what turns her on.

There’s no single method of how to give a breast orgasm and every woman is different, so take your time and try a few different techniques. These can include soft strokes and kisses, gentle and intense suction, varied rubbing and rolling techniques, and stroking, cupping, and squeezing the breasts.

Add Toys to the Equation

When learning how to give her a boobgasm, you’ll find that a well-timed tickle with a feather or flick with a riding crop can add incredible fun and pleasure to intimate play. But what if you want to step up your game a little? When it comes to nipple stimulation, few sex toys are more outstanding than nipple clamps. However, you might also want to consider vibrators that offer suction to help her reach a breast stimulation orgasm.

Some of these toys have features like gentle massage and vibration built in to really get her motor revving, and you can use one while you manually and orally stimulate her other nipple, or use two so as to fully focus your attention on kissing, licking, and massaging other areas.

How do you know it’s working

When blood flows to a specific area of the body during sexual activity, the result is the color of this body part becomes a darker shade of pink and red than it normally does. This phenomenon even applies to lips, which is a way a lot of people find bright red lipstick to be so attractive. This same principle applies to both male and female genitalia. And nipples are no exception to this rule. When stimulated, the nipples take on a darker, redder shade. This color change can be a visual clue for you when you are on the quest for a boobgasm, because it indicated that she is receiving the right amount of touching.


Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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