Increasing Female Libido

Tips and techniques to increase the female libido

Dry spell no more

Are you experiencing a sex drought in your relationship? Here are a couple of tips to get back in the game. The excitement is always palpable in a new relationship. Right from grooming, to paying...

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What’s your libido type?

It’s no secret that most people tend to prefer one or more sexual archetypes (check out my previous article for more information on this). But, when it comes to a sexual personality, there are libido types, too, that can be identified—a kind of...

Six sex mistakes even smart men make

Think you know everything when it comes to fun between the sheets? Those ‘moves’ of yours might just need updating… Life has, thankfully, evolved from the dodgy times of decades gone by, but are you holding on to other bad habits from your formative...

Relight your sexual fire

Can’t recall the last time you and your partner had sex? You’re not alone. A new study found that 53% of us want more sex, but being busy, a lack of confidence or having a higher sex drive than our partner has led to a lack of action between the...