How to roleplay without feeling stupid

How to roleplay without feeling stupid

Become the Al Pacino of your bedroom in seven easy steps! 

Sure, Christian Gray literally spent a fortune to bring his fave sexual fantasies to life … but he was always a little extra. If you’re nervous to play pretend for hotter sex (or your acting skills are more ‘I was in my grade five play, I think?’ than ‘My Oscars speech is ready to go’), I’m on it. Here’s how to get it right on your first take. 

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Actual actors do full character studies, but you can just think of roles you’re already familiar with, from real life (masseuse + client) or pop culture (superhero + whoever’s lucky enough to hook up with superhero). Starting with a known scenario cuts down on prep so you can get right down to business.


I recommend starting at home, where you’re more likely to feel comfortable. If you can’t get in the headspace of a lusty lit professor boning his top student next to the pile of half-clean clothes on the chair in your bedroom, maybe lead your eager-to-please pupil to new territory, like the living room – as long as, you know, you’re alone in the house. This show doesn’t need an audience.


No costume designer or stylist on your ‘set’? Keeping it simple, with a couple of props, can be just as sultry. I suggest improvising with stuff you have at home and imagining the rest. Put a regular old tie on your otherwise shirtless ‘accountant’ (the naked-er, the better, right?), and voilà. 


No need to write a screenplay, but agreeing on a few basic cues can help with nerves. If you’re a client meeting your sexy personal trainer, maybe you agree (over a series of NSFW texts throughout the day) that she’ll punish you for every squat set you can’t complete. By the time you get to your sweat sesh, you’ll already be warmed up.


Similarly, having a couple of go-to phrases at the ready can help keep things moving along if you’re stumped. Before you get busy, try to think of what you’d say in the actual situation. Then add a kinky kicker: ‘I bet it’s been so hot without the AC… Thank goodness I’m here to fix it! If you get too warm while I work, feel free to strip down…’


This is so not the time to act all serious or particular. Role-playing is about having fun in the bedroom and reconnecting with your partner. So if somebody says something that’s totally out of character, you can just giggle about it and then jump back into the scene with each other. Aka prepare to crack up. A lot. 


After your grand finales, you can share positive performance notes, like ‘That changed my life!’ But keep negative critiques to yourself, since feelings can get hurt easily when it comes to ~art~. If you’re up for doing the scene again, talk through anything that tripped you up. Or suggest a new fantasy, since you two are obviously now award-worthy at boning.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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