So I was thinking we could try…



So I was thinking we could try…

Cheat on your woman with… your woman! Here are a few tricks to make your next time feel like your first time. 

We’ve all been there: You’re with your partner (whom you love) at a party when you spot a hottie you can’t keep your eyes off. You imagine her grabbing you into the coat room for a splendidly delicious quickie. Don’t feel bad— it’s perfectly normal to crave someone, ahem, something new. Research has shown that men are more likely to be turned on by a stranger or unfamiliar partner the longer they are in a relationship. Now, we’re not saying you should go out and cheat, but getting a little strange is OK—and by strange we mean indulging in something you’ve daydreamed about… but with your partner!

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A handsome stranger?

OK, the good news first: This can be incredibly exciting. You feel hot and naughty, like you’re getting away with something. The bad news? You could actually get caught and not get away with it at all. OMG! The trick is to choose your location wisely and come prepared, so to speak. You can play it safe with some booty in the bathroom at a party or nightclub. While everyone else is enjoying their drinks, you’re enjoying a quickie in the ladies’ room! 

If you’re the outdoorsy type, think more secluded areas like parks, hiking trails, and campsites. A deserted beach is great right after sunset or before sunrise (read: no kids). Put a twist on backseat bumpin’ by posting up on the top floor of a parking structure. Up the ante and do it on top of the hood instead of in the backseat. Department store dressing rooms and the back of movie theaters are always popular. But if you’re really feeling adventurous, visit your honey on her lunch break, lock her office door, and enjoy an afternoon delight. 

Wherever you choose, keep a few things in mind: This is not the time for a lot of foreplay. Get in, get out, and no one gets hurt. Always carry a blanket, a mini vibrator, and lube. You never know when the mood or opportunity may strike. Next, make sure your partner dresses the part. She shouldn’t wear anything that takes too long to take off or put back on. Skirts are preferred, pants are not. And try to keep it down because you don’t want anyone to hear you but you certainly want to be able to hear them. 

And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t drink too much and try to bone outside. Folks that get arrested for lewd behavior are also usually drunk. 

A new addition 

According to a recent study, we horny humans spend $15 billion a year on sex toys. So every couple should think about adding some sex-cessories to their bedroom, especially because 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to get off. So what’s hot? A “couple’s vibrator” that fits snugly over your partner’s clitoris and up to her G-spot while you also enjoy the vibe. 

Bonus if you get one that also has an app! You can send her “good vibes” while you’re away! You can also try a dildo – one that’s quiet, handheld, waterproof, and rechargeable. And if you’re looking for something for your partner’s backside, there’s a huge variety of delightful little plugs. I’d advise you start with one that’s perfectly flexible for beginners and that will get your partner aroused while still being really comfortable. And speaking of… 

The flip side 

To butt or not to butt…that is the question. More couples have been saying yes! According to recent studies study, 36 percent of women and 44 percent of men surveyed reported having anal sex at least once. So if you’re curious, you can try a few things before you go knocking on your partner’s backdoor. Finger massage is a sensual way to get her started. You can gently massage around your partner’s anus in a slow, circular motion with lube. She can return the favor if you’re game. 

Tongue play, or analingus, is not for everyone, granted. But if you’re up for it, you’re both in for a world of intimate hotness! Start by taking a shower together. You’ll both feel more confident with all your parts nice and clean. The giver should then use his or her tongue in a flat, up-and-down, sweeping motion, but also incorporate breath, very light teeth, fingers, or toys. 

When using toys and fingers, use lube generously. The anus is not self-lubricating, so use more than you think your partner needs. Her butt will thank you. If you decide to go full enchilada, the key is to make sure your partner stays relaxed. In fact, ideally, give her an orgasm first! And anything going in her, be it finger, toy, or your penis, should enter like a teapot pouring tea. Tipping and entering slowly, at a slight downward angle. Now teatime will take on a whole new meaning!

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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