How to talk to a woman to seduce her



How to talk to a woman to seduce her

Because you will have to say something to this blessed girl that caught your eye, right? In short, the conversation phases that you should follow and ace are the following. 

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Comfort aims to put the girl at ease. Remember that women are almost never approached in a direct way, so you have to make sure that she is ready for the “emotional blow” she has just received. Imagine it as a light conversation with friends. So, once you have exchanged your names, start a normal and friendly conversation and get it into your head that: YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW HER; YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER! If you start with the idea of “I absolutely have to sleep with her,” she will leave because you have basically focused on yourself and not on the girl.

Before seducing a body, you should seduce a brain!

To get to know her, she must talk! Plus, the less you say about yourself, the more you will create mystery that is synonymous with attraction.

How do you proceed then? After opening, try to go immediately to the personal, try to understand what she does, where she lives, her work/education, etc. But please … DO NOT INTERVIEW HER! 90% of the men who try to approach a girl do it by way of an interview by asking a flurry of endless questions.

“What are you doing?”, “Where are you from?”, “Do you like XY?” These are all trivial questions that a woman hears every day. You may be wondering, “If I don’t ask questions, how will I get to know her? “Simple: assumptions. 

Try to turn every question that passes through your head into a positive phrase, in this way you’ll be much less predictable and you’ll push it to open up and talk. For example: thinking about the question “Where are you from?” You can replace it with “From your accent, I guess you’re not from here …”


Attraction is synonymous with emotion. Be aware that by emotion, I mean positive and negative emotions (negative emotions in seduction are FUNDAMENTAL to balance the positive ones).

So, what gives emotion to a woman?

Small ironic criticisms: The small criticisms are GOLD in seduction. They sub-communicate to the girl that you are not treating her like a goddess descending from the sky, that you are not needy and that you have a sense of irony.

Value : Anecdotes full of descriptions and emotional entrainment, gestures and wisdom (maturity) are elements of strong attraction for a woman.

Kino : Kino is all about physical contact. In a first conversation with a girl you just met, you can raise her level of attraction by gradually progressing from lighter touches to touch a little ‘more pushed up even to get to the kiss. Based on the positive, negative or neutral reaction of the girl to your kino stimuli, you can also understand the direction in which the conversation is going.


Rapport must be the goal of the conversation. Rapport is that phase of the conversation where you two are naked, and you feel that you can tell her anything. The Rapport is also called deep connection. How do you reach a deep connection with a woman?

You reach the Rapport with a woman by doing what I call scaring the soul. In other words, from the first initial soft conversation, you gradually pass to more and more profound subjects, investigating her identity and entering her sphere of trust.

HOBBIES, PASSIONS, AMBIANCES, CHARACTER, QUALITY, PRAYERS AND DEFECTS are just a few examples of the elements that make up the identity of a person in general and of a specific girl.

Bet on investigating these characters and kaboooom! You will have hit the target; you will have a deep connection between your two souls, and you will have created EMPATHY!

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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