Steam it up



Steam it up

You’ve come to the right place! In this article I’m going to offer tips so that your first attempt at shower sex is more than just water down the drain.

If one is to believe research, the bathroom is a pretty popular place to have sex. According to a 2014 survey of 1,000 respondents by Durex, which studied the average American’s fantasy versus reality orgasm experience, 54 per cent said they were satisfied with sex in the shower. If you want to be part of that happy club and wash away any embarrassing memories of sex in the shower, read on.

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Now back to our topic at hand – making shower sex deliciously naughty. 

Get flexible 

There may be a lot to love about shower sex, but it does require some prepping—and working out. To pull off shower sex, both partners need to be as flexible as a yoga practitioner. It calls for upper and lower body strength to support each other’s body. 

Time to accessorise 

Specially designed shower accessories are now available to make shower sex safe. Skid-proof mats, single-locking suction footrests as well as single and dual-locking suction handles make it easier for couples to steam things up in a variety of positions. They also reduce the risk of slipping.

Testing waters 

Consensus on the water temperature may sound like a non-issue, but is a dealbreaker for many. Take my experience for example. I think you know very well by now that my husband and I like to spice things up a bit sometimes. One day, my husband got into the shower and started off the mechanics of the whole thing. I took off my clothes, got in and almost screamed! That was the day I realised my husband likes showering in scalding hot water. 

Slip it on 

It’s easy to get caught in the moment, but both partners should know that condoms too are prone to slipping in the shower. Also, don’t use soap or shower gel as lubricants because they can cause irritation. Use silicone-based lubes or even vegetable oil instead. 

Lead up and follow through 

If you’re not still convinced about shower sex, use the steamy shower stall to work up some lather and love hormones. Finish up in the bedroom and return to the shower to cool off. 


Water is a huge pleasure stimulus, and I’d also like to ad that shower sex can be fulfilling if you’re open to some trial-and-error. Here are some fool-proof positions to try out. 

Stand up, leg up 

While standing up, your partner should lift her leg and place it on a stool or on the edge of the tub. You can stand in front or behind her and thrust in, holding her by the hips for deeper thrusts. 

Up against the wall 

With your partner facing the shower wall and her hands extended to support herself, enter from behind, as the water cascades down. Ask her to arch her back to allow you in. 


Mount your lady on your hips and have her lean against a wall for support. She could grab hold of a towel rod or a wall clamp for better support. With both of you facing each other, you can kiss as you climax. 


Your partner should sit down on the floor with her legs facing forward and straddle you. This position offers better support, as one partner can lean against the wall. 

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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