The number one dating mistake men make and how to avoid it



The number one dating mistake men make and how to avoid it

Here’s a story for you: Many moons ago, guy friend of mine got his first girlfriend. Even though he was just law student, barely getting by, he proceeded to spend a lot of money on the girl in just one short, whirlwind of a month, blowing through expensive wines at restaurants and other unnecessary gifts.

Though he did get to sleep with her several times in that short time span, she left him for another guy. My friend was heartbroken for months afterward, not to mention that he had to get a part-time job to replenish his bank account.

Sound familiar? Are you frustrated when you don’t get a girl to like you, after all the money you’ve spent? Well, here’s the thing: you’re operating on a false assumption. Money spent doesn’t necessarily equal adoration or sex.

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The problem with lavishing money on a woman who hasn’t earned it is what it communicates. And what it communicates to her, loud and clear, is that her value is higher than yours, so you need to earn her approval by purchasing it.

It’s like you’re saying, “OK, I know my value is less than yours, so how’s about I throw in a dozen roses, an expensive dinner, and some really nice diamond earrings?” Get the picture? The reality, however, is that if you know that your value is high, then you don’t need to buy her approval.

I know that saying “don’t buy things for girls” goes against what men logically think. After all, you’re all brought up to believe that if there’s something of value that you want, you need to be willing to shell out what it takes to buy it, right?

Well, in the case of inanimate objects that don’t think for themselves, that’s true. But in the case of women, it’s not true. 

Consider the average super-hot woman.

Most men regard her as highly valuable and thus they grovel before her and worship the ground she walks on. Yet what kind of man does a woman like this typically go for? Usually one with high social status, who sees no need to buy her things in order to win her affections. Oh, sure, he does it later, after he has her, so that she has nice things to show off…but not while he’s getting her.

I want you to start getting a mental picture of yourself as a man of high value. Now, as a man of high value, when you do buy the woman things, never make a big deal out of it. Say something like, “I’ll pay for the coffee. It’s no big deal.” What that says to her is that you’re more interested in the social interaction that the two of you are having and that you’re barely thinking about the drink you just bought her.

It also means that there are no strings attached.

By saying “it’s no big deal,” you make it clear that you’re not putting pressure on her to reciprocate what you’ve done for her. “Buying me things because he wants something later” is a behavior that many women consider manipulative and results in the man being denied sex. And to be quite honest, many men fall right into that trap by making a big production out of buying the woman nice things. Don’t be that guy.

Unfortunately, the average woman has gone out with so many men who bought her things to try to get into her pants that when you start buying her nice stuff, it triggers an automatic negative reaction within her. “Eeew, he’s trying to buy sex,“ she thinks, and then she turns off on you.

Fine, but then what do you do when the check comes?

Well, first off, you shouldn’t take a woman out for a big, fancy date. Your first date should be something informal and inexpensive such as coffee. That way when the check arrives, it’s really no big deal. A basic rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether you’d pay if you’d invited out a casual male friend instead of that chick sitting across from you. If the answer is yes, then by all means do it.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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