3 Steps to an Earth Shattering G Spot Orgasm



3 Steps to an Earth Shattering G Spot Orgasm

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a hot-gushing, butt-cramping, gut hosing orgasm.” ? Chuck Palahniuk

Did you know that the majority of women don’t orgasm from sexual intercourse alone? Did you also know that most women have only clitoral orgasms, that is, if they orgasm at all? Don’t get me wrong, boys, I’m not saying that an orgasm is the end-all-be-all of female sexuality. You should all know by now that us women are complicated creatures. We don’t NEED an orgasm to enjoy sex, but it sure doesn’t hurt! The Holy Grail of female orgasms is the G spot orgasm. Many women have fantasized about it, but few have successfully achieved it. Just think about it, what if you knew that there was another kind of male orgasm out there? One that felt different than the one you usually experience. Not necessarily better, but more intense and just… different. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be dying to experience it. Well, you can do that for your partner.

I know you’re eager to dive right in, but as with most things in the bedroom, slow and steady wins the race. Before we delve into how to give her a G spot orgasm, let’s cover some basics.   

Where Is the G Spot?

The key to giving a G spot orgasm is, well, finding it first. Some people may think it’s a myth, but once you find the G spot, there won’t be a doubt in your mind — or hers! 

The G spot, or Gräfenberg spot (so-named because it was identified by German physician Ernst Gräfenberg), is a highly sensitive erogenous zone inside the frontal wall of vagina. It is thought to be physically linked to the clitoris as part of the clitoral network, a U-shaped collection of nerve endings that reaches from the clitoris into the vaginal wall. One study described this structure as having properties similar to that of erectile tissue in men, which may explain why the G spot orgasm is known to be so intense. 

So sure, now you know what it is and where it’s located, but men are generally visual creatures. You may be wondering: what does the G spot look like? This isn’t an easy question to answer, but it’s about the size of a nickel and typically resembles the vaginal tissue surrounding it. When stimulated, this small area can swell, making it easier to identify and easier to stimulate!

The Power of the G Spot Orgasm

Remember what I was saying earlier about women not having enough orgasms? Studies have shown that a whopping 81% of women don’t have an orgasm from intercourse alone. While clitoral stimulation is always a safe bet, why not take things to a new level by finding the G spot? 

G spot orgasms have been described as being incredibly powerful and lasting longer than traditional clitoral orgasms. Talk about best of both worlds, right? A small percentage of women even experience female ejaculation during a G spot orgasm. This occurs when the Skene’s glands, located near the G spot, release accumulated fluid (meant to lubricate the urethra). 

It’s important to note that even if you know how to stimulate the G spot, there’s no guarantee that an orgasm will happen every time or for every woman. Just like every woman is unique, so is what turns her on and what she likes in the bedroom. While women have the same basic anatomy, everyone reacts differently to various types of stimulation and experiences different levels of arousal. 

Proper G spot play can produce intense sensations, especially when paired with ample foreplay and clitoral stimulation. But for some women, G spot fingering may just not be their thing. Some women experience discomfort or pressure — particularly if they’re not accustomed to G spot stimulation — while others find it highly pleasurable and experience intense orgasms. But it’s not all on her — you need to learn how to finger the G spot properly, as being too rough or poking around with no clue what you’re doing can cause pain and discomfort for her. 

How to Give Her a G Spot Orgasm

Do you want to be one of the few men out there that can find and deliver on an earth shattering G spot orgasm? I’m guessing that you do! Here are my 3 steps to getting her there…

Step 1 – Make Her Spot POP!

First you need to know what you’re looking for. Most men fail in finding the G spot to begin with because of one key point. The woman must be extremely aroused in order for the G spot to easily located. The G spot is made up of erectile tissue (like your penis) and is found inside her vaginal wall. If she’s not turned on then it won’t fill with blood and enlarge, making it easier to find. So, first things first, you have to get her excited… very excited. Spend some time on foreplay here and don’t rush through it. Kiss her passionately. Tantalize her erogenous zones. You might be dying to get right to her genitals and find that spot, but remember that you need to get her extremely hot first. Women love a bit of teasing and anticipation. Men tend to want to rush right through sex and foreplay, whereas women enjoy it much more when a man really takes his time and makes her want it. What’s a surefire way to know if she is super turned on? Is she wet? Is she pushing her pelvis up towards you, seeming to beg for more? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to go searching for that G spot.

Step 2 – What? Where?!

The G spot is located on the inner, front vaginal wall (if your fingers are inside her then it would be located in the flesh between your fingers and the front of her body). Insert your pointer finger so that you are able to crook your finger and stimulate the inner wall. The G spot should be located anywhere from about 2 knuckles deep to a full finger deep. The location varies from woman to woman, so you have to do a bit of searching, but once you have found it on your partner, you won’t forget. The spot is a small spongy feeling, oval shaped area that ranges from the size of a dime to a quarter. It will feel slightly rough or ridged to the touch.

Step 3 – How do I work this thing?

  • Remember to always use lubrication. Even though your partner is going to be turned on and wet by the time you start working her G spot, a woman only produces so much vaginal lubrication. Sex feels better when it’s wet and wild, so don’t forget to have lube handy.
  • Insert your finger and locate the G spot. Crook your finger in a “come here” motion and firmly slide your finger over the G spot repeatedly. Unlike the clitoris, which is ultra-sensitive to touch and needs gentle stimulation, the G spot responds best to firm stimulation. Also try firmly tapping the spot with your finger. Each tap will feel like you’re stimulating the G spot for the first time all over again. Then try swirling your finger around firmly in a circular or figure 8 motion.
  • Check in with your partner. G spot sensations might feel strange and unfamiliar at first. Some women feel like they need to pee when their G spot is stimulated. It’s best to let your partner know you’re planning to stimulate her G spot so that she can go to the bathroom beforehand. Even though she might still feel that urge to pee, she can rest easy knowing that her bladder is empty.
  • Experiment with different speeds, vary the amount of pressure you’re giving the spot, and change up how you stimulate it. Doing the same movement over and over might just make her numb. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Keep going until she has a powerful G spot orgasm! Keep in mind that it might not happen the first few times you try it. You can start by doing G spot stimulation by itself and then combine it with oral sex for a really mind blowing orgasm.

Best Sex Positions for a G Spot Orgasm

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only hit the G spot with your fingers! While this may be one route to a G spot orgasm, this type of stimulation can also occur through sexual penetration. Often, finding the right position is key. And while the best position will depend on how your and your partner’s bodies work together and what you both like, a few specific positions are more likely to set the stage for G spot stimulation.

You don’t really need to know how to find the G spot by feel during intercourse — if you get the right angle and rhythm, there’s a good chance you’ll hit the spot naturally. So which positions should you explore if you’re looking to target the G spot on women?

Doggie Style

This classic position isn’t just daring and sexy, it’s also a great way to stimulate the G spot from behind. The beauty of this particular position is that it allows for deeper penetration and unique angle variations, allowing for fun and G spot stimulation. Try different angles in this position till you find the right spot! 

Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Let her take control in this position and guide you towards the G spot. When she’s on top, she can sense where you are in relation to the G spot and angle her body to make sure you hit it right on the mark! Try both cowgirl (where she’s facing you) and reverse cowgirl (where she faces away) and see which one she likes best. 

Closed-Leg Missionary

I know, missionary isn’t the sexiest position, but don’t skip over this section just yet! This is a unique spin on the classic missionary position that can help you give her an earth-shattering G spot orgams. Typically, missionary involves her spreading her legs wider to accommodate deeper penetration. In closed missionary, have her close her legs while you straddle her during penetration, creating a shallower thrust and greater pressure and friction within the vagina. 

Finding and stimulating the G spot in the right way is going to take some time and dedication on your part. Don’t be frustrated if she doesn’t have a G spot orgasm right away. There is a reason why G spot orgasms are rare and special. They might not come easily for everyone, but they sure do pay off!

Happy hunting, boys!
Gabrielle Moore

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