Blow her mind

Blow her mind

She’s exciting, thoughtful and everything you want in a lover. Show her you appreciate the attention with these hot moves.  

The three qualities that really matter in bed have nothing to do with firm butts or hard rock abs. Confidence, power and sensuality are much more desirable traits in the eyes of a woman. You may be extremely adventurous and kinky, but if you aren’t strong or confident enough with those killer moves, your partner will be left feeling a little cold. The five moves we’ve listed below require all three traits in different degrees. They’re nothing elaborate, just sweet, simple moves that will drive her wild.

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Hit the spot 

If you know exactly where to touch her to drive her to her knees, then you’re golden. Speaking of which, the back of the knees is an often ignored erogenous zone. Women, just like men, have multiple sweet spots that are generally overlooked for the more obvious points of interest. 

Start small

Have your woman lie on her front and straddle her as you give her a soothing massage. Place a light kiss on the nape of her neck, trailing a line of kisses down her back, and then the back of her knees, sucking gently on the soft skin there.

Take the reins 

Sometimes, all that is required for mind-blowing sex is for you to take charge. There’s nothing sexier than a man confident enough to shut a woman up, strip her down, or to pull her into the bathroom for a quickie on the countertop of the sink. 

Start small

A simple, but effective, way to show her who’s in charge is to assume the doggie style position— without warning. As she’s getting ready for you to get on top, put a hand firmly on her chest and push her on her stomach to penetrate her from behind. 

Mouth off 

If you can use your mouth, especially your tongue, the right way, then that’s half the battle won. Be it while kissing, licking, going down on her—your mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so use it well. 

Start small

If you want to kiss her senseless, let your tongue jive with his. You could also try the oldest trick in the book and catch her bottom lip in your teeth and suck on it gently.

Rough her up 

If you want to show your woman how lucky she is, get a little rough with her. Not so much as to hurt her, but enough to get her blood pumping. There aren’t many women who wouldn’t give their right arm for a romp in the sack that leaves them sore and reeling. 

Start small

Take a fistful of her hair in your hand and hold it firmly as she kisses you, or bite her shoulder to elicit an excited growl. 

Tease her 

Stay tantalisingly out of reach during foreplay and once you’ve started having sex, delay gratification for as long as possible and you’ll make sure her orgasm is that much stronger. Tease her with feather-light kisses and nibble on her earlobe until she’s begging for release.

Start small

Delay penetration for as long as you can. Distract her just as she gets ready for you to enter her. Just when you think you both can’t hold back anymore, give in. The first thrust will be sweeter for the wait.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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