Sext alert



Sext alert

Give your good morning texts a sexy spin and get in some virtual foreplay before you start your day.

Workday mornings can get monotonous—wake up (ugh!), shower, have breakfast, get dressed, leave for work. It’s the same old thing, day after day. Boring, right? But what if you could add a dash of energy and excitement to your day, and no, we’re not talking about exercise. Sex in the morning is a fun way to start the day. 

In the morning haze, when you’re at your most vulnerable and still easing into the day, waking up next to your partner may give you all the warm fuzzies. Morning sex can be like eating chocolate cake for breakfast: decadent, indulgent and comforting. Plus, who doesn’t want to linger in bed just a little longer?

For those who don’t have the time for sex though, sexting is the next best thing. Especially since it’s worth noting just how popular sexting actually is. For instance, a study published to Computers in Human Behavior in 2017 found that 62% of the people surveyed said they had either sent a sext or received one. About half of those people shared that it had a positive impact on their sexual or emotional relationships — and that was especially true for those in more committed relationships.

So, the next time you’re texting your boo good morning, give that innocuous SMS a touch of spice. Don’t know how? Allow me to share with you the good-morning sexts that always work for me. Get inspired!

‘*insert semi-naked picture* How about this for dessert tonight?’

Take sexting to a new level by sending your girl a semi-nudie. If you’re feeling a tad rambunctious, go ahead and send her that perfect nudie you’d been saving all this time. It just might give lover girl something to think about all day.

‘I wish we didn’t have to wait all day to get naked’

Anticipation makes everything a bit sweeter, and don’t underestimate its power. Your significant other might just drop everything and come knocking at your door minutes after you hit send. And since we’re talking about anticipation, check out my Flirting Fingers program because it teaches you exactly how to carnally flirt your way to amazing intercourse. It’s the erotic appetiser every woman wants and needs and the most amazing way to start your night. Hey, your penis isn’t the only main character in your sex story. Your fingers have pretty important jobs as well and you’ll learn more about this in my program. 

‘If only I were there to wake you up nice and proper’

Who can ignore such an irresistible message? It promises a wild romp. Your partner will be sitting up in bed with a stupid grin on her face after reading it. The next time you meet, be prepared for action that will keep both of you up all night.

‘Can’t we just stay in bed alllll day long?’

You only have words to convey your motives, so make the most of this seemingly harmless and innocent text. You can take it to the next level with some emojis. Pepper it with a few winks and kiss emojis for the desired effect. Don’t blame me if you both end up bunking office that day though. 

‘Thinking about your *insert name of body part* is what gets me through the day’ 

The naughtier you can get with this sext, the better. Let her know what you’re thinking about and make it as specific as you dare to. One text might lead to another, and who knows where that might lead.

Hot embraces, 

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sexting is a form of foreplay that works. You know what else works when it comes to foreplay? To find out the secret techniques on how to get her dripping and soaking wet at will, check out my video program on the matter – Dripping Wet Secrets.

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