Your ideal pleasure machine



Your ideal pleasure machine

When it comes to buying a sex toy to use with your partner, it all depends on who you are in bed – the both of you. Fortunately, I’m here to do a personality match so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs and those of your partner. 

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, sex toys are one of the best ways to rev up your sex life. Sex is meant to be playful. You don’t want to end up as that couple who finds it a chore. Sex toys are the best accessories to get hold of when you want to spice things up and find more reasons to look forward to sex with your partner. The online market is flooded with pleasure-enhancers; so should you start with something small and basic or buy the biggest, splashiest device known to man? I have an idea: match the toy to the player.

Just like everyone has a TV show, artist or ice cream flavor that’s totally suited to them, there’s no one-size-fits-all sex toy. Everyone has different needs and preferences. And while there’s any number of ways to choose the perfect sex toy for your partner – her personality (at least her bedroom personality) can help you narrow down the best one for her and you. 

For more saucy ideas on how to best incorporate toys in the bedroom, check out my program, Toys for Tits. Yes, you read that correctly! What, you didn’t know that women can orgasm from having their nipples stimulated with the right toys? Yes, it’s true! Nipple-gasms are a real thing, which is awesome for you, nipple lover! 

She’s curious but shy 

The bathtub is a great place for sex, and while shower jets have long been known for certain unofficial uses, many find them too harsh. Try a submersible, hand-held, personal pleasure jet that combines the relaxing powers of water and air to let thousands of tiny bubbles stimulate and pleasure your partner, and yourself, gently. 

She’s attracted to both simple and kinky pleasures

This one’s for those who believe that pain and pleasure make the best bedfellows. In this particular case, a Nipple Suction Set won’t disappoint. Put them on and twist the screws to create suction that is sensational, to say the least. Soon to be your partner’s BFFs during foreplay, these can be used on your partner’s nipples and other sensitive spots such as her neck too.

She’s skilled but underserved 

For those who like things wild, a powerful massager is perfect! These can take many forms, but I recommend you pick a devilishly intense mini vibrator with special and flexible ‘horns’ that are able to send intense vibrations to all your partner’s pleasure spots for a highly precise orgasmic experience. Go get one, now!

She’s satisfied but seeking more 

The new mantra to follow in bed is: rotate and vibrate! I’m a particularly big fan of remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time to deliver sensations to your partner’s clitoris. The more adjustable stimulation patterns, the better. Variety is very, very welcome when it comes to sex toys. 

She’s quiet but powerful 

Do all things dark and mysterious turn your partner on? A vibrating panty that comes with a bullet hidden inside will get her hot and bothered in an instant. Doesn’t this remind you of one Mr Grey? It’s discrete and sexy, just like your lady.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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