What’s your libido type?



What’s your libido type?

It’s no secret that most people tend to prefer one or more sexual archetypes (check out my previous article for more information on this). But, when it comes to a sexual personality, there are libido types, too, that can be identified—a kind of sexual horoscope, if you will. 

Various sexual therapists have, over time, tried to identify and differentiate between a multitude of personality types. However it is important to note that almost all of us can exhibit different traits from time to time, and we must be wary of reinforcing stereotypical ideas about sexual personalities.

That said, there is a role for consideration of psychological variables when it comes to sexual personalities. However, these aren’t fixed personality types either. Let me elaborate. Sexual personalities are acquired over time. Each is associated with certain beliefs and behaviours, and constitute a variety of myths about pleasure and orgasm. Understanding these traits and being aware of our own psychological reactions can help us address the difficulties we face in terms of our own sexual responses. 

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So what are the ‘sex personalities’ or libido types that most men and women fit into? 


This is anyone who views sex as an act of love. You can expect a lot of hugs, cuddles, and even spooning. The sensual lover wants you to know that he/she has your attention. You will feel both loved, and satisfied. 


No, I don’t mean chains, whips, and the whole shebang. I just mean than an erotic lover is someone who will rather have no sex than boring sex. They’re looking for something unique and exciting.  


This means no-strings-attached, late night booty calls. The dependent lover is always thinking of sex with you, but is probably too busy for a serious relationship. There is potential, but they keep things in the moment. 


Guys, if you find this type of woman, keep her. Why? Because this is the type that’s all about your pleasure. You can call them the selfless lover. Need a pick me up? They’ll come over, perform oral sex on you, and leave. No questions asked! 


This is remnant of the entitled sexual archetype, but this takes things up a notch where, due to certain stressful situations, sex isn’t satisfactory for them, and they’re not going to make it pleasurable for you. 


These lovers, by the very name, are people obsessed or addicted to sex. They have a rather large sexual appetite, and if left unsatiated by their partners, will look for gratification outside the relationship. 


This includes sexual fancies like golden showers, partialism (a fascination for a certain body part), and foot fetishes. Sex with a compulsive lover can be weirdly exciting or borderline troublesome. It can be exciting if you’re mentally prepared for something kinky, or maybe even weird, but proceed with caution. 


Contrary to how this sounds, stressed lovers don’t have external worries, but performance anxiety. They’re also obsessive about past lovers, or whether you’re enjoying yourself with them. While it sounds sweet, having to constantly reassure them can ruin the moment. 


Unlike a detached partner, a disinterested lover can spell doom for your relationship. The person is either thinking about sex with another person, or worse is already engaged in sexual activities elsewhere. Notice the signs.


Sexual experiences are personal and private. That said, if you’re looking to enjoy a healthy and vibrant sex life with your partner, the key is communication and keeping an open mind. One must be mindful, as well as assertive to ensure that your own needs aren’t being taken for granted. Besides, a little dirty talk every now and then allows you to openly share your desires with your partner, and when you let go of your inhibitions, you’re bound to discover a whole new side to your personality.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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