How to Make a Woman Squirt

How to Make a Woman Squirt

You might have heard that some women can ejaculate during sex, and who wouldn’t want to give this orgasmic gift to their partner? Despite the theatrical squirting you may see in traditional porn, making a woman squirt isn’t as easy (nor does it happen as quickly) as those videos make it seem. However, while it is rare and figuring out how to make a woman squirt will take some time, it’s well worth the effort to help her achieve such a mind-blowing release. But before we delve into some expert tips, let’s answer one crucial question: How do women squirt?

The first thing to know is that every woman is unique, which means different women are turned on by different things. Another important note is that it isn’t clear whether all women can squirt, so don’t be discouraged if after several attempts you still haven’t achieved your goal. 

If your sexual activities span multiple relationships, you’ll find that each partner requires a unique approach, so try a few different things to see if you can get her there. Even a single partner’s tastes can vary, so if you’re researching “how to make my wife squirt,” my biggest piece of advice is don’t skimp on variety in the bedroom.

Getting into the nuts and bolts of how to make a woman squirt starts with understanding the G-spot. Located about 3 to 5 inches inside the anterior vaginal wall, this erogenous zone is thought to be responsible for female ejaculation (more colloquially known as squirting).

While figuring out how to make her squirt is somewhat of an art, there’s also some science behind making her come so hard that she ejaculates. It has to do with something called the clitoral network. This U-shaped structure connects the clitoris to the inside of the vagina and features a dense collection of nerve endings. When stimulated at the clitoris or G-spot — or both — strong pleasurable sensations can lead to an ultra-intense orgasm. 

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving her mind-blowing orgasm without ejaculation, how do you make a woman squirt specifically? Squirting involves the Skene’s glands located near the G-spot. When a woman is aroused, these glands dispense fluids that lubricate the vagina. If a woman has a strong enough orgasm, the glands can release accumulated fluid.

You may need to get creative when figuring out how to make women squirt, using your mouth, fingers, and sex toys to help her reach this new level of pleasure. There are also certain sex positions that can help you achieve the coveted G spot orgasm. The real goal, however, is to make sure she feels safe, comfortable, uninhibited, and completely immersed in the experience.

5 Juicy Delicious Advanced Tips to Make Her Squirt

G-spot orgasms are still all the rage, and many women yearn to learn how to achieve them.  But, since only 25% of women can get off from penetration, it is obvious that we still have a lot to learn.

I’m sure you’ve read many of my articles on where it is and how to stimulate it, but today I want to teach you some advanced tips to help her get there, so she can achieve G-spot orgasms and learn to squirt.

Setting the Scene (Relax)

G-spot orgasms are more emotional than clitoral orgasms, and therefore a lot of what takes place in usually in our heads and not necessarily about technique.

 Learning how to make a woman squirt is not only about the physical aspect of sex, but also her mental and emotional state of mind.

That’s why setting the scene properly is important when you want to have G-spot play, so she can get into the mood, feel juicy and sexy, and allow herself to go over the edge into orgasm.

So, let’s set the scene.

You could start with a nice hot bath, or an erotic massage, or vulva massage—something that lets her get into her body and relax.  Being relaxed is super important.

I like to experience a long night of seduction before going into G-spot play, so I feel super sexy and turned on.  Dinner, slow dancing, flirting, seduction, all leading up to the big event.

Soft lighting is encouraged, maybe some music playing in the background, scented oils for massage, all these things can help to further stimulate the senses and get her aroused.

Make sure she is comfortable and use pillows for positioning as well as a G-spot blanket or absorbent towels.

All these things will go a long way in upholding her pleasure.

Orgasm is in the Brain

Orgasm happens when pleasure pathways in the brain’s limbic system are turned on, and our defense pathways are turned off.  If a woman feels threatened, or unsafe, the sexual part of her brain can shut down and not allow her to feel pleasure.

This is why, after a heated argument, she may have no interest in having sex.  Past sexual traumas can also affect how she feels and how she is able to respond to sexual stimulation.  Much of this wounding stays in the body—in the vagina and G-spot to be exact—so this area may even feel numb to her.  Thus, you need to be aware of this before you start, and if she has any issues of abuse, shame, or guilt about her body or sex, she may need some sexual healing first.

To that end, she also needs to feel safe.  G-spot orgasms can be quite messy and if she has any hang-ups about female ejaculation, feels embarrassed about her own body fluids, then she’s not going to get there.  She needs to be educated about G-spot orgasms and know they are natural, pleasurable, euphoric and wonderful and she need not feel shame.

She also needs to trust her partner.  A lot of emotions can come up during G-spot orgasm, so she needs to know she can trust you in order to surrender completely and go over the edge.  Consequently, creating a safe place for her to experience G-spot play, to love, hold and nurture her, will set you both up for success.

Self-Pleasure and Explore

When a woman first experiences G-spot orgasm and/or ejaculation, it can be during partnered sex.  However, it is much easier for her to learn how to G-spot orgasm and squirt first on her own.

Therefore, encourage her to explore and self-pleasure, to find her G-spot on her own, and to bring herself over the edge.

This way she doesn’t have to worry about how she looks, or if she’s going to cry, or about her own “performance”, or even if she will reach orgasm.  She can just go with her own natural flow and learn what turns her on.  No pressure.

Learning how to make a girl squirt doesn’t have to be all on you. Help her get familiar with her own body and what turns her on. And no boys, that doesn’t mean you get to watch her — this means giving her time and space to do it on her own. You can do this by giving her privacy to explore her own needs on her time. That way, she can help guide you towards the right spot when you’re together. 

Prolonged Stimulation

The first time a woman attempts G-spot orgasm, whether solo or during partnered sex, she can take up to an hour to build up the erotic sensation and pleasure that will eventually put her over the edge.

When you are learning something new, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain.  This is also true about sex and pleasure.  Subsequently, it can take much longer the first time to connect that pleasure to the brain and turn everything on so it is all working together.

My advice  for how to make her squirt? Foreplay, foreplay and more play!  Stimulate all the erogenous zones that normally turn her on and stimulate her close to climax several times, allowing her to come back down again and again.  By the time you stimulate her G-spot she will already be almost over the edge, and orgasm (plus ejaculation) can happen much easier.

You may have also heard that the G-spot does not show itself until she is very aroused.  It has to be very turned on and filled with fluids before you can actually find it and before she will feel pleasure there.  So, again, use lots of stimulation and foreplay to get her there.


A major part of learning how to make a woman squirt is to create an environment where she feels safe enough to completely let go.  Surrendering and letting go of control, may be the biggest obstacle for women when attempting to experience a G-spot orgasm.  That is why safety, comfort and allowing herself to be open and vulnerable is important.

There are also so many myths about the G-spot and misinformation, that some women think they can’t experience G-spot orgasms.

Not true.

Every woman has the same parts and can experience G-spot orgasms.  But, if they believe they can’t, they will never get there. When learning the ins and out of making your girlfriend squirt, it’s important that both of you are fully on board and educating yourselves about female ejaculation and how it happens.

Some women try, and if they can’t reach orgasm quickly, or it doesn’t happen after a few attempts, think they are broken.  But if she knows that the truth and is given permission, that can be all she needs to allow herself to surrender into orgasm.

That means not stopping if she experiences weird sensations, like having to pee, or overwhelming emotions (these can come up), but continuing to go over that edge into pleasure, then she can experience a G-spot orgasm.

And, it may take several attempts to get there.  We don’t just get on a bicycle as a kid and start riding it.  It usually takes trial and error and learning how.  But, just because we fall and scrape our knees doesn’t mean we should give up.  Once she learns how and creates those new erotic pathways, she will never forget how to get there again, and again, and again.

So, there you have it.  Some sure-fire ways to get her there so she can experience G-spot orgasms and learn how to squirt.

Ultimately, learning how to make a female squirt begins with understanding the female anatomy and how to navigate it.  If you are interested in learning more advanced techniques in G-spot orgasms and squirting, then make sure to check out my video “The Pussy Key“.

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