Sex by the signs



Sex by the signs

Tell me when your partner was born and I will tell you the best way to make things sizzle between the sheets. 

Whether you believe in them or not, you can’t deny being intrigued by zodiac signs. Plus, women do listen to the stars so maybe you should take this into consideration as well and not shrug the whole thing off. A study conducted by Susan Blackmore and Marianne Seebold from the University of the West of England, in 2001, confirmed that astrology has a strong influence on women’s lives. It concluded: “Seventy-two per cent do not think astrology is just superstition and almost 90 per cent said they find out the sun signs of people they have relationships with. Seventy-eight per cent had read a book concerning their sun sign in love.” 

If you accept that each sign is associated with a certain personality type, then it’s no great stretch to see how this affects things in the bedroom too. So if you are unsure about what floats your partner’s boat, I have collated zodiac sign-specific moves that you can use. If nothing else, this is a great excuse to try something new tonight. 

ARIES – Doggy 

The Aries woman is strong-headed and enjoys attention. The doggy style offers you a great view of your partner’s derriere and allows you to focus completely on the task at hand, that is pleasing her. 

TAURUS – Missionary 

Women born under this sign are sensual beings. The tried-and-tested missionary position offers full-body contact and enough opportunity to explore your partner’s body. 

GEMINI – Pinball wizard 

Experimentation comes naturally to Geminis. So try the pinball wizard pose, where your partner lies on her back and raises her hips against you till her shoulders are carrying most of her weight. You must kneel to enter. 

CANCER – Spider 

Stable and loyal, the Cancer woman is all about the emotional intimacy. The spider style helps her feel close to you and secure in your arms. Sit facing each other and have your lady wrap her legs around your waist as you slowly thrusts into her.

LEO – Cowgirl 

The Leo woman loves to be in control. This style will show your partner that you know she’s the boss. Allow her to get on top of you and enjoy the ride.

VIRGO – Octopus 

Virgos are methodical and chase perfection, so a spot of adventure is just what the doctor ordered. Try the Octopus pose, where you sit on the floor with your legs spread apart and bent at the knee. Your partner should straddle you while facing you and place her legs on your shoulders, one by one. This allows for deeper penetration and greater pleasure. 

LIBRA – 69 

Libras are pragmatic, but enjoy a little drama in the bedroom. Since she is committed to keeping the balance, she like positions where the partner makes an equal effort. So clearly, the 69 is made for you two. And since we’re talking about oral sex, check out my program, Oral Rapture, for more naughty tips and tricks on making oral sex the best it can be. 

SCORPIO – Face-off 

The Scorpio woman is assertive in the bedroom. Try the face-off position, where you sit on the edge of a chair or bed and your partner sits on your lap, so she can control the angle and intensity of the thrusts for her satisfaction. 

SAGITTARIUS – Champagne room 

Sagittarians are sexual adventurers who like an element of mystery to the act. Sit on the chair and have your lady sit on your lap with her back to you. This style will help her regulate your thrusts and since you can’t see her, you can only guess at what’s working by the way her body reacts.


Women born under this sun sign like to take things slow, so they can get comfortable before trying something new. Foreplay is the clincher for your partner. Once she has built a bedrock of trust, however, she will feel free to give up some control with some light bondage.

AQUARIUS – G-whiz 

Novelty is a major turn on for Aquarians. This style lets your partner lie down and rest her legs on your shoulders, as you are kneeling. Raising her leg narrows the vagina and helps you target her G spot. It also keeps your face at a distance, which means your partner is left to guess your expressions. 


The Piscean woman is typically a giver in the bedroom. Lie on your back; have your partner climb on top of you with her legs spread wide apart, just like a frog. In this position, her torso is close to yours and stimulating her clitoris creates friction. This could also lead to a quicker orgasm for your lady. 

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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