Signature sex



Signature sex

Ever wonder how you come off in bed? Let me help you figure out if you’re a romantic, a god or an adventurer.

Are you more on the shy side when it comes to sex or are you an expert seducer? Do you let your emotions dictate the pace or are you always ready to get your freak on? Your sexual personality is a combination of your style and habits in the bedroom, and while it doesn’t define you as a person, it certainly determines what your sex life will be like. Curious? Take this simple quiz. 

But before I tell you what your type is, let’s talk for a second about the thing that’s the common thread in all men in the whole wide world. No matter the type, all men want one thing: to last as long as they could in bed. Well, you’re in luck because my program, Last Longer Tonight, is your key to achieving this life-long dream. Your sexual stamina will improve A LOT after you try my techniques. 

You find yourself thinking about sex… 

  1. Maybe thrice a week. 
  2. Once a day. 
  3. All day, every day. 

What’s your idea of a perfect date? 

  1. Good food, wine and a movie. Maybe squeeze in a makeout sesh. 
  2. Going dancing with my woman, so I can rub up against her the whole time. 
  3. Being handcuffed to the bed while she has her way with me.

What’s the riskiest place you’ve had sex at? 

  1. A. In the back of my car while it was parked in a mall’s parking lot.
  2. B. In my parents’ bathroom while they were watching TV in the den. 
  3. C. On the staircase of my apartment building, in broad daylight. 

How would you react to introducing food into the bedroom? 

  1. I wouldn’t mind whipped cream once in a while. 
  2. I’d choose alcohol over food. Drunken sex can be awesome! 
  3. Whipped cream, honey, chocolate—done it all. 

When it comes to undressing, you… 

  1. Would rather do it myself. 
  2. Usually we undress each other at the same time. 
  3. We take turns stripping for each other. Makes the sex even hotter! 

How do you feel about threesomes? 

  1. Not okay with it. I dumped the last girl who suggested it. 
  2. I’m okay with experimenting once in a while, but I wouldn’t go so far as a threesome. 
  3. I would definitely try it if I find willing partners. 

Mostly 1s

You’re a shy romantic who loves tender lovemaking over animalistic sex. The romance and femininity is what does it for you, and while you’re not loathe to trying out new things, you prefer sticking to the basics.

Mostly 2s

You’re a sex god in the making who can be pretty frisky when you want to be. You aren’t shy about the fact that you like sex, but you think twice before trying anything risqué. Give up whatever hang-ups you have left and you’re golden!

Mostly 3s

You’re an erotic adventurer who loves sex in all its glory. You’re completely in touch with your sexual side and are absolutely proud of it. A connoisseur of all things sex, you’re open to trying everything as long as there’s pleasure in it for both you and your partner.

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. So how did you fare? Are you the romantic, the alpha male, the naughty adventurer. It doesn’t really matter – as long as you’re not the… One Minute Man. And you won’t be, if you check out my Last Longer Tonight to learn how to delay your orgasm and ejaculation for as long as possible. I’ve put together a list of my most effective tips and techniques that you can use to regain control over your erection. 

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