Lay of the land



Lay of the land

The good old missionary is everyone’s favourite fail-safe position. But is there a way to heighten its pleasures? I say yes.

The missionary position has acquired a bit of a bad rep for being the plain Jane of the sex world—simple and boring. It lets your partner lie back and be lazy, while you do most of the work. But I believe this form of horizontal mambo has enough room for experimentation. Wondering how adventurous you can get? Let me help you stretch your imagination. Go on and make the first position you ever tried the best one ever.

Straighten up 

Something as simple as your partner straightening her legs can add variety to the romp. When you get inside her, she should bring both her legs together so that your legs are on the outside of hers and she should also try moving her hips in tandem with your thrusts. This will put pressure on your shaft and the rhythmic movement will create adequate friction to set the nerve endings on her vagina tingling. 

Rub shoulders 

As you begin to grind into your partner’s vaginal lips, she should lift her legs and place them on your shoulders. This minor alteration gives you enough depth for pleasurable long strokes. The upside for your partner is that her G-spot gets the attention it needs. And since we’re talking about going deeper, I have a program that will surely help you in this respect. Bigger and Deeper will teach you how to fill your woman’s vagina as if you were twice the size, now matter how big or small down there you might be. 

Let it slide 

Awaken a new set of nerves by introducing lube into your bedroom moves. And you don’t have to restrict it to your intimate areas, either. Slather it on your thighs, chest and abdomen, and give her a good massage. Let her return the favour by applying it all over you. As the missionary position allows maximum close contact, using a lube could lead to better lubrication and introduce new pleasurable sensations. At times, a woman’s body takes time to reach the same page as her mind. She may be turned on but she may not get that wet easily. A lube takes her mind away from such anxieties and lets her focus on the act.

Bell the CAT 

CAT stands for coital alignment technique. The reason why missionary gets a thumbs-down from some women is because it does not offer enough clitoral contact. Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide To Pleasuring A Woman, says, “While you are on top of her, raise your torso so that the base of your penis is directly aligned with her clitoris.” This way, you touch her clitoris every time you thrust into her, unleashing a whirlwind of sensations. 

Pillow talk 

Place a pillow or two under your partner’s butt before you go in. This elevates her hips, tightens her pelvic floor muscles and gives you better access to her G-spot. It’s a win-win situation, where her tightened vaginal muscles create just enough friction, leading to a delirious climax for you and her. 

Shades of grey 

Introducing handcuffs or tying your partner’s hands could heighten the excitement, especially if you are blindfolded too. The guessing game about where you are going to touch her next or what you would do to her will turn every tiny touch into an intense sensation for your partner. 

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. What I love about missionary is that, with the right alterations, the penis can feel enormous inside the vagina. If you want to know more about how to expertly use your penis so that your woman feels that you’re filling her totally, check out my Bigger and Deeper program. You’ll learn how to give your woman the highest pleasure and the most sensational orgasms.

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