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Nonverbal cues that turn women off



Nonverbal cues that turn women off

What do you think is the one thing that makes a man most attractive to women? It’s the impression that you’re a dominant man. And no, you don’t have to grunt, scratch, and boss a women around like a cave man to convey dominance… nor should you! You convey your dominant male status simply by acting the way dominant men do, by consciously controlling the nonverbal cues you send out, thereby creating the impression within a woman that you are alpha.

Here are the nonverbal signs you should stop putting out if you want to easily seduce any woman. And if you want to know more about the right way to attract women, check out my friend Brett’s Silent Seduction program. 

1) Using “ah” and “um,” partial sentences, and partial words. Studies have shown that people consider others who talk like this to lack confidence and not be too bright. It’s a sign of nervousness. The reason we say “um” is because we’re afraid we’re going to be interrupted by the other person. Instead, don’t be afraid to pause for effect. Pausing before important points will make you seem more competent and people will remember what you say.

2) Speaking too fast. This gives off the impression that you feel anxious and have low self-confidence. A normal, comfortable speaking rate varies within a moderate range from 125 to 150 words per minute. Slow down!

3) Speaking with a monotone voice, also known as mumbling. People with a narrow pitch range are viewed as unassertive, uninteresting, and lacking in confidence. So vary your pitch and you will be perceived as outgoing.

4) Pausing too long before responding to a question. This indicates that you’re thinking too hard for your answer, which makes you seem indecisive. It also looks like you’re trying too hard to win the other person’s approval.

5) Pulled-in, closed postures. An alpha male spreads his arms and legs out and is open. When standing, you can force open your body language by hooking your thumbs in your back pockets.

6) Holding your hands in front of you. This is a defensive gesture. Instead hold yourself open and vulnerable. Let your arms relax and be open. Nobody’s going to punch you, so why do you need to block yourself?

7) Twitching your fingers or hands. When you’re across the table from someone there’s a natural inclination to play with sugar packets or straw wrappers with your fingers. Don’t. And don’t drum your fingers on the table—women hate that.

8) Touching your face when you talk. This indicates that you’re thinking too hard, you’re indecisive, or that you feel shy. To convey confidence, hold your hands together in a steeple shape in front of your chest or face. Another posture that will help you when you need a huge display of confidence is holding your hands at your hips. 

9) Rigid or hunched posture. An alpha male has a relaxed posture, whether he’s standing or sitting. Loosen up and spread out.

10) Looking down. Hold your head high. It shows zest. Keep your chin up. Expose your neck. Look at the person you’re talking to.

11) Nervous facial gestures such as lip licking, pursing your lips, twitching your nose, and biting your lips.

12) Walking fast as part of your normal walk. Instead, walk a little slower than normal, almost as if you’re swaggering. If you’re not in a hurry to get somewhere, walk like you’re relaxed and confident. Think: “I am the man. I can make any woman happy.”

13) Walking only with your legs. Don’t be afraid to move your torso and arms. Try this: walk as if you’d just had a massive success and felt on top of the world. Watch what you do with your body. You may find yourself moving your arms along with your shoulders and having a slight bounce in your step. Now, do that all the time.

14) Slouching. You don’t have to stand uncomfortably ramrod straight, but you should have your shoulders back. 

15) Shifting your eyes back and forth when you speak. When you’re in a conversation and you’re doing the talking, gaze at the other person’s face. Nonverbally, this communicates that that you say is important and worth listening to.

16) Holding too much eye contact when the other person speaks. Ignore the dating advice books that tell you to hold non-stop eye contact. Non-stop eye contact makes you look needy, and, frankly, like a weirdo. Instead let your eyes blur and then gaze at her eyes. Look through her rather than at her. Only hold the gaze when she’s telling you something genuinely interesting. Otherwise, focus on other stuff like her breasts, her hair, things going on around you, etc.

17) Looking down before answering a woman’s question. If you do need to look away before answering in order to think, then look up and to the side. Studies have shown that this displays more confidence.

18) Being afraid to touch a woman, and thus being non-touching. Be confident about it when you touch women— any nervousness at all can be fatal for your relations with her. Hold her hand to lead her around, etc. Be gentle—if you use excessive pressure, you reveal your insecurity. It’s natural to touch others, as when you’re emphasizing a point. So let the love flow!

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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