Who is Gabrielle Moore

Who Is Gabrielle Moore?

Hi honey, my name is Gabrielle…

… and I’m so glad you’ve found me. Because when it comes to sex, I could show you a thing or two 🙂
I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips. I’ve even been featured in publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine, with over 8 million readers worldwide.

Not bad for a gal who used to be stuck in a stuffy legal office and a pinstripe skirt.

I’ve authored dozens of bestselling guides like Turn Her On Faster, Double Her Desire, Hot Licks, The Female Orgasm Revealed, The Sex Starved Couple, and way more than I can mention here.

I’ve been doing this since 2005, and the most common question people ask me is “how did you get into this?
Well it all started when my husband and I got a little bored in bed. We rarely had time for each other. Work and responsibilities left us constantly tired. When just the sight of seeing each other naked used to be enough to get us horny, we were now struggling to find the spark.

We knew we had to spice things up – so we started putting in an effort. We cleared our calendars and made time for sex at least 3 times a week. We bought multiple programs and guides by famous sex gurus. We tried countless sex toys and lovemaking aids.

Some of this stuff was pretty good, some of it was really bad, but a lot of it was just painfully mediocre. No way was that good enough for me, because I didn’t just want a better sex life – I wanted the best damn sex life a girl – and her man – could possibly have!

That’s when I began exploring subjects no one else would. I studied the human anatomy. I read thousands of long, detailed, eye-opening studies on human sexuality and psychology. I devoured hundreds of books and research papers on the science of sex. And I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours with my husband trying out everything I was learning.

And slowly but surely, my sex life went from lukewarm to sizzling hot!
Frustrating 5-minute quickies turned into passionate, 2-hour-long sweat-a-thons. We began discovering pleasure zones on our bodies that we didn’t even know existed. We indulged in advanced techniques that left both of us moaning in ecstasy.

Both of us swore that a primal, long-dormant sexual energy had been reignited inside us – and we were loving every second of it!

My success gave me an epiphany: I realized I wanted to spend my time helping others enjoy the kind of passionate sex I was having, and get to the CORE of what good sex really is – without having to spend thousands of dollars on books and sex aids… and without wasting hundreds of hours sifting through pseudo-scientific, redundant, sometimes plain ridiculous advice.

That’s when I quit my job as a lawyer, started writing my very first book… and the rest is history.

So welcome to my site, enjoy trying out some of my tips and tricks, and remember – if your partner doesn’t scream your name at least once every session, you’re not doing it right 🙂