These 5 sensual gestures will make her OBSESS over you



These 5 sensual gestures will make her OBSESS over you

If you’ve ever dreamed of making your woman (or any woman) absolutely crazy about you, then you know how unpredictable female attraction is.

The number one mistake men make is assuming that a woman will respond to the same triggers that they respond to. Sending her an X-rated video in hopes that you’ll get her wet in two seconds might actually make her angry and not horny. This mechanism is not easy for you to understand considering you would love to receive an X-rated anything from your lady.

And it’s not even because women don’t like porn – as I said before, women consume it as well, and some of them even admit it. There’s no shame in it. It’s just that there is a time and place for something like this.

An X-rated pic out of the context will not necessarily trigger her wildest instincts because she needs a physical connection with you. She also needs to unwind from everyday stress and feel close to you – a kind of foreplay for arousal.

The second mistake you make is not exercising the art of subtlety. Believe it or not, she could fantasize about you an entire day if you just touch her hand in a certain way before you get out of the door in the morning. Grab her ass and you won’t obtain the same effect. Weird, right? But it’s true. Her emotion system is very complex and it works in unpredictable ways.

These sensual gestures I’m about to share with you are real attraction triggers because they activate the part of her brain that makes her crave intimacy more than ever. She will only think of you, she will fantasize about having you close to her body. If you want to learn even more precious info about how to become her obsession, check out this program called “Silent Seduction”, created by my friend Brett – you will absolutely love it because it gives you the only trick you need to make your woman come to you. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Read on to become the most attractive man she has ever been with!

Spritz some musky perfume

Women have a powerful sense of smell – much more powerful than yours, I can assure you. For us, the smell is connected to feelings and emotions, it’s like a memory carousel. Studies have found that perfume is a simple way to become instantly more attractive to a woman – and she especially appreciates musk notes.

Why? Well, because musk perfume is like masculine pheromones in a bottle. It will drive her wild and make her more inclined to initiate sex or any activity that involves being close to your body. Plus, she will think of you anytime she smells that perfume. Not bad at all.

Change the way you kiss her

After a while, kisses become something we do on autopilot: we don’t even take the time to really acknowledge the sensations we get from them. Which is a shame, because kissing is a great way to build sexual tension and intimacy, no matter the stage of your relationship.

To make her horny with just one kiss, change your style a little bit – do something she doesn’t expect at all, like kissing her really, really slowly, biting her lower lip or pressing your lips against hers in a sensual way, as a high school lover would do. She will feel instantly more attracted to you.

Caress her wrist with the tip of your fingers

Her wrist is a very sensitive area and it’s connected to her feminine essence. A guy I was dating in my first year of college touched my wrist slowly with his fingertips and I can still remember those overwhelming sensations so vividly. It made me feel like I knew him for a long time and like I belonged with him. Trust me, it’s a magical gesture she won’t forget.

Say her name more often

In a loving and sexy way, of course. As with kissing, we give up on calling our partners by their name, which is such a personal and intimate gesture. She might like „honey bear” and other cute nicknames, but nothing is more intimate and sexual than hearing her real name. Say it during your hot sessions so that she can associate this gesture with pleasure and ecstasy.

Take off your t-shirt by pulling it over the head with just one hand

It’s a hot gesture which Fifty Shades of Grey character, Christian Grey, has turned into foreplay in itself. Women just get REALLY turned on by this, and if you want a logical explanation for it I have to admit I don’t have one. It simply makes you look strong and confident, the kind of man we would worship in the bedroom.


Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: My love, I hope you finally realize that subtlety has a strong sexual aroma and can make a woman lose her head over you. Always remember that what makes a man truly attractive to a woman is his ability to read her body language and make sure she feels at ease. Take your time to really get to know her sensual triggers. If you want to learn even more precious info about how to become her private obsession, check out this program called “Flesh on Flesh” – you will absolutely love it because it gives you the only trick you need to make your woman CRAVE you

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