These subtle clues tell her that you’re a great lover



These subtle clues tell her that you’re a great lover

This is 2019 and we all work on improving our looks. We try to eat healthy, we go to the gym, we buy fancy clothes and even get familiar with the spray tan. And while it’s important to maintain an on-point appearance, being a great lover has nothing to do with looks. And every woman learns this lesson at some point in her life.

Actually, many studies have shown that those considered attractive by most people aren’t convincing between the sheets and there’s a solid explanation for that: they don’t put in the effort. They think it’s enough to just be physically attractive and they’re used to being chased and adored. But guess what?

Attraction is such a fluid concept that goes beyond appearance or even reason. Sometimes we can’t even explain why we like someone. Or why we like an average looking person more than an Adonis look alike.

BUT there’s something about that person that makes us want to get naked in seconds, without thinking of the consequences. There are subtle details that turn someone into the RIGHT sex partner in seconds and keeps us from wanting anybody else… but him.

I hope you won’t get offended by this, but women are generally more selective when it comes to their sex partners. And it’s not because they don’t like to have sex, but because they are wired to select good genes for their potential babies.

And ironically, being a great lover has everything to do with being a great father and a trust-worthy life partner.

This also confirms the fact that being good in bed isn’t about the way you look but about the way you handle yourself… and your woman.

While every woman is different, there are a few common factors that lead them to believe you’re absolute perfection between the sheets. Make sure to include these techniques in your sensual “arsenal”:

You make eye contact like a pro

Maybe you think eye contact is a piece of cake, but not everyone can do it. To be able to look someone in the eye with confidence and even a bit of playfulness truly is an art. It can be intimidating, yes, but not for a passionate lover who has everything to give. So don’t look away when you talk to her; instead, stare deeply into her eyes like you could get lost in them. Make sure you don’t come across as aggressive or disrespectful – don’t frown but rather smile in a gentle and sexy way. I’d say study the James Dean look.

You pay attention to details

Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but it’s probably a big deal to her. Being careless won’t say good things about your bedroom skills – because who wants a careless lover? On the other hand, a man who pays close attention to details is perceived as a generous lover. It shows you are able to explore her body and respond to her sensual needs instead of overlooking them and do what feels right for you. Attention to details is not an attractive trait only in your resume, but also in the bedroom.

You can ejaculate on command

I know this is a hard one. But it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Nothing will ever convince your woman that you’re the best lover she will ever have more than being able to get fully hard as soon as you see her naked body AND to last for as long as you want – so she can experience her orgasms to the max. Giving her all the time in the world to enjoy herself and also to enjoy your hard penis for as long as she wants is something she only dares to fantasize about.

And even if you think it’s impossible, there are natural and safe techniques that can help you achieve this kind of performance – even if you’re over 50. If you want to become her absolute hero in bed and gain total control on your climax, check out this genius program I’ve discovered called “Ejaculation by Command”. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

You’re a good kisser

Before you lean in and kiss her, remember this is an important chemistry test. Women take kissing VERY seriously, so don’t rush it and don’t act like you’re trying to eat her face off. A good kiss is always relaxed and natural, even when you use your tongue. A woman appreciates your willingness to experiment with tongue movements, pressure and body positioning. It’s okay to gently bite her lower lip, but don’t cover her lips AND chin with your mouth. Also, remember that women don’t think sloppy wet kisses are sexy. And most of all, don’t think she’s ready for sex just because you kissed. Trust me, not rushing sex will make you even more desirable.

You really listen to her

For a woman, sex is always more than a physical act. She looks for a partner who can truly listen to her. Yes, she wants a strong and confident man, but she also looks for kindness and empathy. No matter how badass and handsome you are, she won’t ever trust you enough to have sex with you if you’re not willing to listen and bring her the emotional comfort she needs. You don’t even have to say much, just show her you care about how her day went.

You’re creative

Every time you put your imagination to work, she gets even more excited to have sex with you. Women perceive creative men as good lovers because it shows your ability to explore her body in ways no one else ever could. It also implies that sex with you will always be new and exciting. Creative people rarely like conventional stuff, so they are more likely to experiment in the bedroom.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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