5 mistakes that prevent you from getting her naked



5 mistakes that prevent you from getting her naked

The way a woman responds to you depends on more than just looks or social status. If you’re still single or going through a divorce, I bet you tell yourself that the woman of your dreams would rather date someone who owns a penthouse or has phenomenal abs. But this will just tear up your self-confidence even more – and it’s not even true.

Here’s the truth: women look for confidence, balance and emotional intelligence more than they pursue money or looks. Ironically, confident and balanced men tend to be charming or rich just because they’ve reached that level in their lives where they think anything is possible for them.

Unlike you, they truly BELIEVE the odds are in their favor. So they instantly become more attractive to women.

Listen, I know you’re hesitant to approach a woman again. You’ve probably tried it a few times because your friends have pushed you while at a bar. And you got rejected in ways you will never forget. I know that us women can be cruel when we’re not interested in someone but it’s not because we don’t value that person. It’s because we think men approach women 10 times a day and therefore they must already be used to rejection.

We fail to acknowledge the effort you put in to make that step forward. We don’t realize the many ways we hurt your confidence and self-esteem because we don’t actually believe the act of approach is important to you. We take it for granted.

This is the reason more and more women are single. We wait for the guys to approach us but hey just don’t do it anymore. Tired of feeling rejected, they hop on dating apps, a place where starting a conversation seems easier and less risky.

But the reason I want you to approach women in real life is that it creates more meaningful experiences. It’s more effective and more interesting. More diverse.

Plus, it’s the only way you’ll get to know a woman you’re truly interested in, not someone who “happened to be there”. If you want to learn the exact techniques that turn you into an irresistible catch for any woman you’re interested in, I recommend you check out this amazingly effective program created by my friend Scott Jack called “Magnetic Interaction Mastery”. It will help you build infallible confidence and teach you how to approach a woman the right way. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

In order to become better at interacting with women, someone needs to tell you what you’re doing wrong. And why not get it straight from a woman?

You think she’s too good for you

Baby, you might not see it like this, but your energy actually has a great contribution in getting you the things you desire. If you think you’re not good enough for her, she’ll SENSE it immediately. Women are emotional creatures and their intuition is just unbeatable. She will “smell” the lack of confidence on you and no matter how nice or handsome you are, she will not be able to respect you. Therefore, she will not be ready to LIKE you.

Try to go with no expectations. You’re not there to impress her nor to take her home. Just try having an interesting conversation with a human you vibe with and see how it goes.

You become defensive

When in front of a beautiful woman, most men don’t know how to act and they just become defensive. This is something that makes you come off as insecure, so stop doing it. Also, stop teasing women that you think are out of your league with phrases like, “You think you’re so beautiful but I’ve had better”. You won’t get her attention, she won’t even think you’re funny. She’ll just look for the closest exit.

Remember to always put out positive energy because women are attracted to men who help them balance their own emotions.

You don’t pay attention to her body language

As I said earlier, women are very emotional and they tend to express their emotions through body language. Even if you’re nervous, try to connect with her at a deeper level so you can synchronize your bodies. Mirror her movements: keep your hips and your feet at the same angle as hers and she’ll suddenly find you as more relatable. She’ll be more open to a conversation, which is what you want.

You don’t balance the conversation

When starting a conversation, men usually focus on how great they are or on how hot the woman they’re talking to is. You need a balance, otherwise, the conversation won’t seem authentic and she’ll look at you like you’re a freak. Say something about how you feel at that moment, what you like about the party etc. Then ask her something about herself – something other than what she eats for breakfast to look so damn hot. Be genuinely interested in her and you’ll get her attention.

You speak too fast/loud

And your gesturing is excessive. If you look like you have ADHD, then we want out. You need to take into account that women are naturally more agitated than men, so they look for a guy who can tame their emotions. That’s why it’s so important to be calm and confident in their presence.

Practice in the mirror at home and see how your body moves while talking. Gesturing is okay, just do it with one hand, not both. And try pausing your words from time to time to get her intrigued.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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