Help her fulfill ALL of your wildest fantasies



Help her fulfill ALL of your wildest fantasies

Do you love your partner but want more from your sexual encounters? Are you tired of the same scenarios and frustrated for not being able to say exactly what you want during your not-so-steamy sessions?

A lot of couples go through this and the bad news is that it can destroy your relationship in less than a year. That’s why it’s very important for me to make this point: sex should always be fun and exciting for both of you. Yes, even after years of marriage. I know what most people say: it’s normal to get bored after a while. These words make me sad… And even angry.

Because if you let yourself get bored, it means you’re already giving up on what you and your partner have built over the years.

So please don’t let it come to this. Especially since it’s already proven that women like sex just as much as you. So why does it seem like you’re the only one excited for that doggie session?

Luckily for you, I’m a woman so I can explain exactly what is going on. First of all, she’s lost in that old-school dynamic of “Man should initiate sex”.

Also, she still thinks you will judge her for acting “slutty”. And this unfair word includes performances like oral sex, naughty positions, role-play, dirty talking, anal sex and so on. She has set some boundaries and she’s holding on to them.

That’s why it feels impossible to make your sexual needs heard. And don’t get me wrong – boundaries are healthy in a relationship. A woman and a man have the right to decide for themselves what and how they want to have sex. But some of these boundaries are just mental blocks that prevent you from enjoying even more pleasure.

Instead of giving up on your partner, help her understand your desires and lead her to a new path of freedom and excitement. If you want to learn more about your partner’s sexual triggers, I recommend this program called “Silent Seduction”, created by my friend Brett Alcorn. His program demonstrates how a subtle touch can become the most powerful seduction tool – you don’t even need words to make her REALLY listen to you. It’s pretty controversial, so I advise you to use it responsibly – but trust me when I say that this technique will instantly make your woman addicted to your body. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Here are some of my secrets to a woman’s willingness to cooperate and fulfill your wildest fantasies while intensifying her own pleasure:

Show her respect

Not only in the bedroom, but also in your day to day life. If you show her respect and treat her like a lady, she will be less inclined to believe you will judge her for showing her wild side between the sheets. But if she sometimes feels objectified, she will become defensive and maybe she’ll even feel the need to prove her integrity.

I always say respect is the most precious ingredient of a relationship: as long as you respect each other, you will feel safe to express your fantasies and experiment more, so let this be a reminder that masculinity should not be about making your woman feel inferior or weak. Help her build her strength and she’ll become the best lover you’ve ever had.

Give her time to warm up

I know you’re tired of hearing this, but she needs more time than you to warm up before the real action. Because their partners act impatiently, most women are overwhelmed with deep frustration for not being able to respond faster, instead of giving themselves time and patience to feel real pleasure.

You need to make sure she has the luxury of warming up properly. This is the only way she will really get in the mood to experience more and show you that wild side she keeps hidden for years. The more aroused she gets, the more open she will be to truly listen to your needs and desires. So invest more time in playing with her body. Make her want more and more with each sensual caress, help her forget her inhibitions. Now she’s ready to HEAR you.

Get her in touch with her own body

Often times, women lose touch with their own body and sexuality, which makes it even harder to connect with their man. Help her understand that pleasure happens in her body and encourage her to truly feel all of it, even when it’s overwhelming.

Tell her something like, “You look so sexy when you’re aroused” to help her stay in the moment. Every time you caress, bite or lick, ask her how it feels. It’s a way of making sure she acknowledges those sensations.

Say what you want – but make it sexy

Sometimes we expect our partners to read our minds. To give us what we want even if we don’t say what that is. Things don’t work that way in a relationship. You have to communicate your desires, just not in a way that puts pressure on your partner. Make it sound intriguing and sensual and make sure to point out that you only want to do it with HER.

She’ll feel special and desired which will increase your odds to make your wishes come true. I suggest you say something like, “I’ve never tried this, but I would LOVE to do it with you”. Sexy eye contact will compliment this phrase perfectly.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Changing your approach might be the key to the wild session of your dreams. Remember, your woman is just as horny as you are, you just have to turn on the switch of her sexual hunger.

If you want to learn more about your partner’s sexual triggers, I recommend this program called “Flesh on Flesh”.

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