Be a risk-taker when it comes to seduction



Be a risk-taker when it comes to seduction

Do you want to be the guy who never risks anything so he never wins anything, or do you want to be the guy who trusts himself enough to expose his desires – even when the answer might be “No”?

Even if you look like Brad Pitt in his 30s, the truth is women won’t necessarily throw themselves at you without you giving any hints. Not because you’re not worth it, but because for them is even harder to be risk-takers. Women are growing up with the idea that they should “wait for Prince Charming” and that it’s outrageous to make the first move.

The possibility of rejection is hard to accept for both parties, the difference is that you have a lot of competition to deal with. Why? Because there are a lot of testosterone-high guys out there who aren’t afraid to take their chances with women.

While they avoid pushy dudes, women still like men with initiative because they come off as strong and more masculine. They aren’t afraid to say what they want or to express their interest – even if sometimes it doesn’t end up being mutual.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself why a less attractive guy than you gets beautiful women while you’re single for months and months, well… it’s because he put himself out there. He smiled, he touched her arm without knowing if she would like that or not… and eventually, he took her home.

Remember, if you want to enter the seduction game, you can’t just sit there and watch… you have to play and give all you got. For more advice on how to make a woman simply crazy about you just by touching her hand in certain spots, check out this program by my friend Brett, called “Silent Seduction” – you’ll REALLY change the game in your favor. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Now let’s talk about all those brave seduction moves you aren’t making but should – because women love them:

Do buy her a drink

A lot of men think this is risky since women nowadays are stronger and more independent so they could easily get offended by this gesture. After all, they can buy their own drinks, right? That is very true, yes – but they still melt a little bit when a guy offers a drink at the bar. And I know this for sure because from time to time I hear one of my girlfriends saying at the end of the night: “He didn’t even bother to get me a drink…”. Women are flattered by this gesture because it’s rooted in them that the man is a provider. Even if they can buy their own drinks they love it when you do that for them. It shows you’re generous and also confident enough to come forward.

Tell her how good she smells

Even if you’re still a stranger to her say, “Wow, you smell good. What perfume are you wearing?” when you pass by. If you don’t invade her personal space, you won’t come off as a freak. Women LOVE to smell good and they often wonder if other people notice their perfume. When you say you do notice it you basically start a connection that might go deeper. This is one of the simplest ways of starting a sensual conversation – because what is sexier than perfume?

Pull her closer like you’re trying to protect her

This only works if you’re at a party or a bar, or any kind of crowded place. While talking to her, protect her of the people who might bump into her by pulling her closer to you. You could do this by grabbing her waist in a subtle way – try to be as gentle as possible. If she’s not into you at all, she won’t appreciate the gesture and she’ll get some distance. But if she likes you, she’ll remain close to you. Either way, at least you’ll know where you stand.

Say her name and ask a bold question

It’s risky since you don’t know each other well, but women love to be challenged by a bold man. Yes, it might be wiser to only say the words she wants to hear. You won’t get her mad but you won’t get her intrigued, excited and turned on either. So I say be a risk-taker, ask her something bold. But say her name as well, to make it even bolder. Say for example, “So Rachel, what is your Sunday afternoon fantasy?”. The question doesn’t have to be straight up sexual but it has to lead her there. She might say something totally innocent in return or something very erotic – either way, she is very intrigued right now.

Touch her “by mistake” when you get the chance

If she’s still standing next to you, it means you can afford to take even more risks. Touching her directly it would be too much, but I advise you to take advantage of any chance you get to make physical contact. No matter how innocent, these gestures slowly build intimacy between you two and lead her to fantasize about having you in her bed.
So say she has something on her cheek and touch her there slightly or touch her hand when you pass her a cocktail. Don’t miss a chance to be in her personal space because this is how you create a steamy situation!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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