Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part Two



Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Fire Breath Energy Orgasms. If you didn’t read Part One, you can do so NOW.

In Part One of this article, we learned what energy orgasms are, why you might want to have one, the tools you need to get you there, about the Chakras, and what sexual energy (Kundalini) is.

Now we will learn the techniques on how to achieve these amazing body and mind expanding orgasms.

How to Achieve a Fire Breath Orgasm

To begin with, Fire Breath Orgasm techniques should be practiced solo. Once you and your partner get the hang of doing this by yourselves, you can then combine these techniques with sexual touch and intercourse together.

Lay comfortably on your back, knees slightly bent, feet flat on floor. Take a deep breath through your mouth and yawn, leaving jaw relaxed and the back of your throat open. Empty your mind and let go of tension.

Take deep, relaxed breaths through the nose, filling your belly like a balloon, then exhale easily through your mouth as you press your lower back to the ground. Don’t force your breath. Try to make the breath circular, with no pause in between inhale and exhale.

With each breath, rock your hips and squeeze your PC muscle doing kegels. (Yes, guys can do kegels too!). Allow your thighs to open and close naturally. Doing kegels stimulates the genitals as it pumps sexual energy up throughout the entire body.

Next, begin using your mind and focus it inward to your chakras as you imagine pulling breath from the ground/atmosphere up through your perineum (the space between the genitals and anus), or Root Chakra. Energy follows thought, so just allow the energy to move upwards with your focus and breath, into the chakra. You can place your hands onto the chakra if you wish to help focus the energy. Once the energy there feels “charged” (on fire, warm, hot or electric) continue to the next chakra.

Continue breathing as you breathe the energy into the Second Chakra (lower belly), and then on exhale circulate it back down to the Root Chakra. Continue until that area becomes charged or lights up. Trust your intuition to know when it is charged up. It will feel as though the energy is moving up on its own.

Continue this technique as you move up all the chakras (solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown), cycling the energy between the two last chakras as you go. Soon you will begin to feel the effects of the Fire Breath Orgasm. As you get to the higher chakras, the energy will begin to move on its own. Remember to keep breathing as well as pumping the PC Muscle and undulating your hips.

When you get to the throat chakra, open your throat and make some noise. This can be sighs, or moans or other sounds which help move the energy upwards. At the third eye, roll your eyes up while keeping them closed as though you are looking at the top of your head.  This keeps the energy moving up. You will likely begin feeling the effects of an energy orgasm now.

You may feel light headed or dizzy, tingling in your extremities or all over your body. You may experience spasms or tremors, or a build up of sexual energy that may feel overpowering. Just take slow deep breaths and continue to move with the energy.

Once the energy reaches the crown chakra, it may feel as though energy is shooting out of your head. Soon you will feel a full body, energy orgasm. The process of moving energy up the chakras releases blocks. Releasing the blocks can cause an emotional release as well, so you may cry, laugh, scream, babble, or melt into it. Go with whatever happens and ride the orgasmic wave.

Other Types of Breaths

The breath work above is called Fire Breath. There is also another type of breath called “The Breath of Fire”, similar in name, but a different technique. You can use this breath to increase arousal very quickly, but it should only be done for a few minutes or you may hyperventilate.

The Breath of Fire helps quickly oxygenate the blood, which increase sexual energy and elevates desire.

Take rapid breaths through the nose while keeping the mouth closed. Inhale and push your navel outwards. Inhale and pull the navel towards the spine. You can place your hand on your diaphragm to focus the energy.

Begin with one breath every two seconds and work up to one to two breaths per second. This can be done during sex, or during energy orgasms, but only for a maximum of 3 minutes. Then go back to normal relaxed deep breathing.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

You may not experience an energy orgasm the first time you try this. It takes practice, so be patient and keep trying.

If you lose the energy, go back to the area where it slipped and begin again. Or go back to the Root Chakra and channel the energy directly up from there to the chakra you are working on.

Use your hands on the energy centers to help guide them up the chakras.

Use sound as you exhale to move the energy up easier, especially in the higher chakras.

Safety Precautions

Breathe Energy Orgasms are VERY powerful. Most people who learn these techniques do so under an instructor. So, be prepared and make sure you are ready to experience them.

Remember. Energy orgasms remove blocks in the chakras which can be emotional in nature. These can be past traumas including sexual assaults, or other types of “bad things” that once unblocked can come pouring out of you with the emotional/sexual/energy release.

You may cry, laugh, go hysterical. Or you may become moody or depressed afterwards. By removing these blocks, we are healing ourselves, but you may go through rough patches in between. It is recommended to get a Tantric Teacher, or knowledgeable sex coach to provide you with their expertise and support.

The Fire Breath Orgasm techniques in this article are based on those by Annie Sprinkle and Barbara Carrellas as well as other Tantric practitioners.

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