Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part One



Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part One

“Orgasms are like grains of sand; no two are exactly alike.”—Annie Sprinkle

When we think of orgasms, we think of the quick tension and release kind that occur in the genitals which require direct stimulation. But, the in world of orgasmic pleasure, there are many types of orgasms!

Pioneer sexologist Annie Sprinkle says that there are seven types of female orgasms including Breath and Energy Orgasms. Energy orgasms are a type of “hands-free” orgasm which doesn’t require direct genital stimulation. Instead, you “think” yourself off.

What is a Breath and Energy Orgasm?

A breath and energy orgasm is a type of full body orgasm that may begin in the genitals, but then the raw sexual energy is channeled up the chakras and throughout the body. Both men and women can experience full body, breath and energy orgasms. It can be a sexual experience, or a very spiritual and enlightening experience, or both.

For different people, the experience will be unique, but energy orgasms have been described as feeling like waves of ecstatic, electric energy coursing through your entire body and making you tingle all over. They are usually much more powerful than an “ordinary” type of orgasm (aka genital orgasm) and can last much longer, even hours. They are also transformative in that they bring greater body awareness and can be mind expansive, metaphysical as well as spiritual. Some people relate that they can feel the after effects of energy orgasms for days later.

Why Have Energy Orgasms?

Sexually, energy orgasms can allow women who suffer from female sexual dysfunction, low sex drive or loss of libido, as well as Anorgasmia (the inability to reach orgasm) become orgasmic. For women who are already orgasmic, it can help them to become multi-orgasmic and experience longer, more powerful, continuous and multiple orgasms.

For men, having energy orgasms helps to increase the libido which increases sexual arousal and erections. It aids in ejaculation control while prolonging sexual excitement for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.  Note, that energy orgasms conduct the ejaculation inward, rather than outward to expel it.  This helps men maintain their erotic energy and stamina.

For both partners, energy orgasms help to deepen intimacy, expand your capacity for sensual pleasure, heighten your senses and expand your mind/body/spirit.

The fire breath orgasm is a catalyst to increase the intensity and levels of your orgasm so both partners can learn how to experience different types of orgasms as well as multiple and continuous orgasms.

One of the coolest things about energy orgasms, is that you can do them fully clothed and just about anywhere. I have a friend who used to practice these while waiting for the bus! While I don’t recommend doing these in public as you may get some very strange looks (or worse), I could see doing this on a secluded beach, or other private places in nature.

How to Have Energy Orgasms

Okay, so now that we have an idea of what energy orgasms are, how they might feel and why you’d want to have one, would you like to learn how to experience one? I bet you would!

In my article: Sensual Tantric Sex Ritual for Lovers, I describe how to use Breath, Touch, Movement, Sound and Awareness to become more orgasmic, create greater intimacy and ecstasy, as well as get in tune with erotic and spiritual enlightenment. Rather than rewrite that information in this article, I invite you to go read it to learn the tools and techniques, and then come back and finish this article to go more in depth.

Expand Your Mind

Expand your state of mind so you can expand your body.

Until you have experienced an energy orgasm, you may not even believe that they exist. However, I can assure you they do and they have been also scientifically analyzed under MRI machines by doctors.

Our education surrounding sexuality and orgasms has been pretty well non-existent. Unless you are a sexologist, sex coach or body worker, there is so much about sex and orgasms that you could not possibly know, unless someone has taught you.

So, I invite to forget everything you think you know about orgasms and simply open your mind to what may be possible. If you can’t do this, then you will probably never be able to achieve anything greater than a genital orgasm.

Use Your Tools

I mentioned above about the tools you need to create an energy orgasm.

First there is Touch that begins to stimulate the sexual energy and the Breath that creates the fire that lights up the orgasm. Combined with kegels and rocking the hips (Movement), these help to build energy in the genitals. Next, your Awareness (intense focus) helps move the energy with the breath. And, finally, Sound helps open the chakras and raise the energy through the body. All together, these tools, when practiced on a regular basis, will help you learn how to have a full body, energy orgasm.

Allow Yourself to Let Go

A lot of times when we have sex or masturbate, we tend to be in the head and not in the body. In order to have bigger, more expansive orgasms, you need to learn to let go. That means fully feeling with your body and emotions.  Your body may move or shake or go into spams.  You could burst into tears or laughter.  Focus on your breath and pleasure and allow it to wash over you. Don’t judge.  Simply go with the flow.

Practice Makes Perfect

With anything that you want to do well or master, it takes practice. This includes sex and orgasms. So, if you want to get really good at creating energy orgasms, practice as much as you can, even 5-15 minutes each day.

Sexual Energy and the Chakras

In Taoist practice, the cultivation of Qi energy (vitality) involves deep practice of meditation, breath and focus, which leads to the expansion of ecstasy and higher levels of orgasm. During this practice, sexual energy is channeled up the 7 major chakras (or energy centers) through the body, beginning at the base of the spine and ending at the crown.

Kundalini is a concept from Hindu yogic practices which is the manifestation of life force (ecstatic sexual energy). “Often envisioned as a snake (Shakti, the goddess) coiled around the base of the spine (Shiva, the god), it represents the energy that rises up through each of the chakras, creating a channel from root to crown, a conduit for divine bliss.” To learn more about the Chakras and this concept, check out my article: That Sexy Snake: A Kundalini Rising Meditation for Couples.


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