New Squirting Information Discovered!

New Squirting Information Discovered!

When new information comes out about sexuality I like to share it with my readers here on my website. After all, the more we know about sex, the better we will be at it. Unfortunately, there is very little research done on sexuality and even less on female sexuality and pleasure. So when I have good and juicy information to share, I can’t wait to do so! One of the least researched topics in female sexuality is female ejaculation and that’s why I’m especially excited to share a new study with you today.

Female ejaculation is a highly debated subject in the human sexuality world. Some claim all women can do it and if they haven’t it’s only because they haven’t had the right kind of stimulation. Others, especially women who have tried it and not succeeded, swear that they have tried it all and they just can’t do it. Unless more research is done on the topic we won’t ever know more about this mysterious bodily function.

Today, however, we know a little more than we did before about female ejaculation. Here’s what I found out…

The Basics

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with the subject, female ejaculation is when a woman expels fluid out of her urethra (this is the same tube that urine comes out of and the same tube that men ejaculate and pee out of). The amount of fluid can range from a teaspoon to a cup. The consistency varies as well. Some ejaculate is thin, clear and watery, while others have ejaculate that is milky and sticky. They are still not sure how many women experience ejaculation. The estimates range from 10% to 40% of the female population.

So, what is this ejaculate made up of anyway?

A lot of debate has occurred regarding female ejaculate and what it’s made of. Some people think that a woman has actually lost control of her bladder and has peed, but others insist this isn’t the case. Even women who have experienced it worry that they have urinated. This is probably because female ejaculation occurs from stimulating the G spot, which is located just on the other side of the urethra, inside the woman’s body. Stimulating the G spot often makes a woman feel like she needs to pee, even if she has just gone to the bathroom. If she continues to receive stimulation to this area to the point of orgasm and ejaculation, she might worry that in the excitement and intensity of her orgasm she lost control over her bladder. However, a new study shows that this is not the case. a new study took a small sample of women who reported “ejaculating” when sexually stimulated.

First, the researchers took a urine sample from the women. They then did an ultrasound of the bladder to make sure that it was completely empty before the women were told to either masturbate or have sex until the point of climax. Right before climaxing the researchers took another ultrasound scan and a sample of the fluid expelled. Then they took one final scan of the bladder after climax. What they found was that the women’s bladders completely filled up again during sexual stimulation and then that fluid was expelled during a climax. Upon examining the makeup of the fluid they discovered that in 2 of the 7 women in the study the fluid was identical to the urine sample taken before. In other words, in that case, the ejaculate was pee. In the other 5 women, they found another element in the expelled ejaculate/urine. They found a prostate-specific antigen that is found in male ejaculate. They believe that this fluid was expelled from the Skene’s gland (sometimes referred to as the female prostate).

The scientists performing this study feel that every woman should be able to ejaculate in this way if stimulated correctly. Still, the study leaves us with many unanswered questions. First, it needs to be repeated with many more participants. Why do the women’s bladders fill up completely during sexual stimulation? Where is that fluid coming from and what is triggering its production?

As always, there is a lot more research that needs to be done about “squirting” in order to better understand the female sexual system and pleasure. Some people might now feel uncomfortable with squirting knowing that the fluid released is, in part or completely, urine. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is ejaculation related to sexual pleasure. The woman isn’t peeing on you, she is ejaculating! I suppose it depends on your perspective. Until we know more, fellas, keep exploring with your partners and have a blast!

Gabrielle Moore

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