Unexpectedly hot sex positions to try this year



Unexpectedly hot sex positions to try this year

Why stick to the same scenery when your sexual playbook can get seriously creative? You and your partner might have a few positions that always work so maybe you feel like there’s no need to complicate things.

But being stuck in the same routine is what usually makes us grow apart – sexually and emotionally. Think about it: the passion you felt for each other when you first met was fueled by novelty. Everything you tried together was new and exciting. So as the years pass, you have to learn to bring novelty to the table again.

And I make it my resolution to try new things with my husband every year. It’s actually the reason why we have so much fun together even outside the bedroom – good sex really improves your overall relationship.

So let me share with you a few of my favorite creative positions I’ve discovered over the years – what better time to practice with your lover?!

The Plank Missionary

Sit on top of her keeping your weight on your forearms, just like doing a plank position at the gym. I recommend this twist on missionary position because it’s very effective for clitoral stimulation, which your partner can’t get enough of. Studies have found that women who were unable to orgasm during classic missionary were more likely to reach climax using this coital alignment technique.

To maintain as much contact with her clitoris as possible, move forward and back instead of up and down like you usually do.

The Sexy Ottoman

Lie back on an ottoman without wheels so that it supports your entire back, then have her straddle you so she can move up and down. If you want more freedom to thrust, just move halfway down the ottoman.
This position is great because first of all, it’s very sexy – duh! Your woman will love seeing your strong legs and core while she rides you, plus it’s such a versatile position. She gets to control the depth and speed and you get to thrust at the same time, making things sexier and more intense.

The Powerful Chair

Simply standing on a chair while she straddles you can be an awesome position for deep penetration and intimate sex because you’re free to hold hands and kiss. This position allows you to go deeper while making intense eye contact, deepening your erotic bond. Plus, it’s a good one if you haven’t mastered standing positions – it will help you make your way up to that.

The Sexual Pole

I love standing positions – they’re wild and challenging, so the excitement will be up there for both of you! To make it easier, start from the Chair Position and have her wrap her legs around you. Then have her lean back with her hands beneath her bum. Now lift her and move to an almost standing position. Lift her up and down your shaft while keeping your legs slightly bent, so you can last longer.

Backdoor oral

Yes, I’m talking about oral sex from behind, which is one of the most erotic positions you can try – and you’ll both love the change in the scenery. It’s a different sensation than the typical oral since you’re coming from behind which means you stroke different parts of her intimate area. Have her lay on her stomach and place a pillow under her hips which will help lift her butt so you can have easier access to her vulva. Your hands will be free, so you can also finger her for a bonus internal stimulation.

Angled Doggy

This is a great twist to the classic doggy because it doesn’t require as much strength and flexibility, plus this kind of angle I’m going to tell you about makes it easier for you to stimulate the clitoris with your hand.
Have her lay face down with her but up for easy access. Keep your legs closed inside of hers. To make it easier for her, she can place a pillow under her stomach or lay on her forearms. Place your hands on her back or her hips so you can thrust harder.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: The beginning of the year is a great time to try new intriguing sex positions so you can enjoy novelty all year round! If you want to learn more advanced tricks on how to make sex more exciting, check out my program – Reverse Cowgirl Domination!

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