Twelve days of sex moves



Twelve days of sex moves

“Humans love sex, we need sex, it’s how we connect, it reminds us we’re alive, it’s the third most basic human need, after food and good movie popcorn.” – Billy Crystal

Is her birthday just around the corner? Do you have a celebration nearing up? Is it Christmas, the summer holidays or Easter? It doesn’t matter the occasion, now it’s time to make sex… sextacular! Borrow from my naughty mix of moves and you’ll be giving her a gift that… keeps on giving!

Let her drum your bum. Spankings aren’t just for Fifty Shades of Grey – along with blindfolds, whips, and other standard bondage go-tos, they’re spicing up bedroom repertoires everywhere. She should start with some soft, quick pats to get your blood flowing. Then spank where your thigh meets your butt – you’re extra sensitive there. If she’s feeling vixenish, she could make you count your spankings.

Mix it up. Don’t just lie there, switch positions during your romp. Start in missionary (with her legs way up your shoulders), then have her straddle you erotically (for deep penetration and maximum clitoral stimulation), and finally finish with a good, hard-hitting session of doggie-style (then you can both take a nap). Mixing it up is fun, great exercise, and will keep you going longer (a gift you can both enjoy).

Get into character. Surprise her by buying her some skimpy French maid-ish lingerie. Have her wear the sexy props and really commit to acting her part. She can tickle you with her feather duster, then return to her cleaning “duties”, milking the costume for all it’s worth. Once you’ve had a good eyeful, lead her to the chambermaid’s room and reward her for her hard work.

Put a ring on it. Sure, it’s a little hard-core, but a great trick for dual pleasure is to use a vibrating cock ring. You will enjoy a soft vibration on your shaft while she gets targeted clitoral stimulation with every thrust. They also help guys get fuller, harder erections. Win-win, anyone?

Coo a little. Turtledoves are traditional emblems of true, devoted love. So in a post-coital moment, make sure to get touchy-feely. After sex, caress her skin all over to help her enjoy the moment. If you can handle a little more mush, coo into her ear and tell her how happy you are to get to spend this time with her. Open up the conversation so she can tell you how she’s feeling too. Which – after all these tips – had better sound a lot like grateful!

Give better cunnilingus. The first rule about licking her milk bowl is to, well, just do it. And often. The second rule is to make eye contact with your woman as you do it. This tip is so simple yet so important (and so often forgotten!). As you get to work, glance up at her in the most sexy, sultry Ryan Gosling-like way… and hold her gaze for a few seconds while you sexily lick her lips. Those down there, yes. It will seem like you are treating her to something extra special. Which you are.

Bust a move. Every woman needs her own stripper song – something that gets her body moving all sexy and sultry. She doesn’t have one? I have a couple of awesome suggestions: Miguel’s Use Me, Usher’s Bad Girl, Heart’s Magic Man, or Rihanna and Drake’s Take Care. Or put on Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby. Start dancing in slow motion and invite her to accompany you. Once she gets the hang of it, take a seat on the sofa and watch her get wild. Trust me, she’ll soon start running her hands over her breasts and through her hair as sexily as possible. Tip: never stop making eye contact, this keeps the passion flowing smoothly.

Splash around. Turn down the lights and run a romantic bath for two, but bring along a little friend – a rubber-duckie waterproof vibrator. Let her watch while you get her wet in the bath (in more ways than one!), promising her you can help out when you’re done watching her swan around.

Twist, then shout. Geese mate for life. Riff on this concept of eternal intertwinement by having her wrap her legs over your back, which gives you access to her clitoris. Then use a vibrator (an egg-shaped one) around her clit, not on it. The clitoris has legs like a wishbone that extend down the labia, so attention to the surrounding area feels mmm.

Say her name. Some say “calling birds”, but originally it was “colly birds”. Take your cue from the evolved lyric and whisper her name lustfully during sex. It will snap your mind back from your meeting with the boys to the heat of the moment. Hearing you say her name will turn her on, too.

Use some tongue. We often neglect kissing and go straight for the below-the-belt stuff. Don’t! In the spirit of the frisky hen’s home country, French kiss her madly, animalistically, then slow down and kiss her cheeks, ears, and neck. It will add urgency to the main event.

Go for round two. If you need a little inspiration to climb her again, invent your own signature position. You have a signature scent, so why not this? If you’re into missionary, dangle her head, shoulders and arms off the bed while you’re on top (she’ll get a heady rush; you’ll get a sexy view). Found your position? Now give it a code name. Whisper it at dinner to excite her for the private festivities later!

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. I call this 12-days-romp my diet for lack of passion couples. Bring some luster to your love life and you’ll be thanking me! Every woman dreams of an Alpha lover, so why let her fantasize about some other dude when you can be the strong dominant character in her wet fantasies? If you want access to even hotter Alpha sex positions, just check out my program – “The Alpha Lover”!

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