The wildest sex positions only an Alpha would attempt



The wildest sex positions only an Alpha would attempt

Baby, do I have to mention women love an Alpha male? Someone who is confident and knows exactly what to do to turn his partner on has always been our dream man. Even if we’re happily married, we still dream our husband will eventually take up the reins and lead us with force into the greatest orgasm of our lives.

But being an Alpha in the bedroom is complicated. Knowing how to dominate a woman is very tricky. Most men do it in a way that makes them come off as insecure, frustrated or even abusive. The moment you make your woman feel humiliated, you lose the “Alpha” status and turn into something else, something no woman wants to deal with.

Being a true Alpha means you acknowledge your power but you use it in a wise and responsible way. If you ask me, kindness is the fundamental trait of a powerful man – because only a weak man would feel the need to manifest his force in an abusive way.

“Calm, balanced and powerful” is the winning combination that will make her melt in your hands. The reason you need to add “balance” to the mix is that it’s the only way she will ever trust you enough to try all those crazy hot moves you both dream about. On the other hand, if you’re too aggressive, you might scare her away for good. If you want more advice on how to dominate her the right way, check out my sexy program called “The Alpha Lover”!

I have to say, the simplest way to show her you’re a true Alpha is proposing some wild sex positions that allow you to look like a Sex God in the bedroom. She will love to witness your erotic strength so much that her orgasms will become even more intense. The novelty will also intensify her pleasure, as well as yours.

So try these Alpha-worthy sex positions tonight!

1. The Hot Scissors

Stand up in front of the bed and have your lover lie on her back with her legs up the air, at a 90-degree angle. Grab her hips with force and close and open her legs as you wish to create different hot sensations. See what feels better for both of you: with her legs wide open or closed together? Also, if she rests her legs on your shoulder, you have a free hand to stimulate her vulva even more.

2. The “Wet” Chair

Wow, this one is an all-time favorite! And your woman will love it too because it amplifies her pleasure. Sit on a chair that has a straight back and have your lady straddle you. This will give you a fierce look because you will have to really work those leg muscles while penetrating her. Meanwhile, she can touch the floor with her toes and hold onto the back of the chair to feel more supported. Now for the magic moment: put a generous amount of lube on your hand and hold it cupped over her vulva – this way each thrust will feel even more orgasmic for her.

3. Standing and against the wall

If you want to be truly dominant, you don’t have to look for a complicated sex position. Actually, the simplest of all might be the most “Alpha” worthy. Penetrate her while standing, like this: push her against the wall and raise her right leg. If she’s not tall enough raise her up against the wall and hold her with her legs around your waist. Make eye contact for a more intense Alpha feel.

4. Full Force Spooning

I don’t want you to stay on your side, but spoon her from a different position. Have her lie on her stomach with her knees slightly bent, then get on top of her and penetrate her from behind. This will make her feel dominated because of your weight but also because you can hold her down with your strong arms. If you want to go even further, you can put one hand over her mouth or grab her neck slightly.

5. Dominant Doggy

I call this a dominant position because she’s face down on the bed, with her hips raised, anticipating the moment you’re going to slide inside from behind. You can go full force as you have control: just hold her butt for deeper and more intense penetration. You will also love this position because it creates a snug fit and makes you feel larger – something she will also appreciate. It also put pressure on those spots behind her vagina that are very hard to reach from a classic angle. If this feels too good for you and you want to last longer, breathe deeply while penetrating her – and keep it shallow.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Every woman dreams of an Alpha lover, so why let her fantasize about some other dude when you can be the strong dominant character in her wet fantasies? If you want access to even hotter Alpha sex positions, just check out my program – “The Alpha Lover”!

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