The Best “She’s On Top” Positions



The Best “She’s On Top” Positions

“Sex is emotion in motion.” – Mae West

And what a motion good sex can be! We’ve already discussed the benefits of a few positions where you get to be on top, but most couples agree that some of the most pleasurable sex they’ve shared has been when the woman is on top.

I like being in control – I know what feels good, so I enjoy being able to control the angle, speed, and techniques by riding a guy (and I’d have to say I don’t think those men have minded either!). When she’s on top, she can discover certain positions that stimulate her G-spot and/or her clitoris which, in turn, will inevitably get you off too.

So here are the best “she’s on top” positions to explore and enjoy with your partner.


The most tried-and-true girl-on-top configurations, the cowgirl has lots of variations and provides almost instant satisfaction. She can sit facing you and gently move up and down, you can have her lie down on your chest with her knees bent alongside you – a very intimate and hot position, or she can lean back and put her hands behind her and then spread her legs as wide as possible – this is a major G-spot stimulator!

Help to guide her by placing your hands on her hips. Encourage her to do a circular motion (similar to what Cosmo refers to as a “hula” motion) so that you’re rubbing against every nook and cranny of her nether regions.


Reverse cowgirl
By simply turning our backs to you, we’re given a whole new set of pleasure points. I’m a big advocate of this she’s-on-top position – the reverse cowgirl allows for deep, straight-on penetration while she sits upright on top of you, and if you’re an ass guy you’ll love the view.

Instead of keeping your legs slightly parted, try straightening your legs instead for a new sensation.


Kneeling version of reverse cowgirl
Somewhat like doggy-style, she kneels over you while facing the opposite direction and thrusts into you. Nothing will excite you more than feeling yourself gliding in and out of her, rubbing her G-spot with each movement.

If she’s up to it (which I always am), grab and even spank her ass while she rides you.

If I’m experiencing real sexual energy with a guy, I love this intimate she’s-on-top position. With her back to you, she’ll crouch down on her feet and lower herself into your lap while you’re sitting up. The close skin-on-skin contact of your body against hers will be a huge turn-on (pun intended), and you can keep your hands busy by caressing her breasts or stimulating her clitoris while she moves up and down on top of you.

Thigh Master
Not to go Cosmo-crazy, but I found this position in their magazine awhile back and have used it many times – much to me and my partners’ delight! You lie on your back and bend one leg. She mounts you reverse-cowgirl style and straddles you sideways, with your bent knee between her legs – this gives her something to help her balance as well as use for leverage.

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