Standing Oh…vation



Standing Oh…vation

One evening at a particularly raunchy dance party, my partner and I realized that we just couldn’t wait to make it back to our bedroom. In a horny frenzy, we scanned our surroundings for a private area outdoors, and wandered into a parking lot. After we hastily scrambled between a concrete wall and the front of a car and pulled our pants down just enough, I flopped forwards onto the hood of the car, grabbing the side mirror to brace myself. What ensued was some of the hottest, naughtiest-feeling sex of my life — it was so sudden and out of the ordinary, it felt like a scene out of a movie.

I usually stick to a finite set of dependably-orgasmic (and horizontal) sex positions. But during vertical sex, I’m much more active, and usually have to engage my muscles (especially my pelvic floor) in ways that in-bed sex doesn’t usually require. And personally, getting all that blood pumping can make it easier for me to orgasm. Afterwards, I find myself adorably sweaty, flushed, blissed out, and often ready to pass out. But while upright sex can seem daunting, or more trouble than it’s worth, it can actually create more possibilities for intimacy.

Being able to have sex standing up not only adds variety to one’s sex life, but also provides options for spontaneity, especially in tight spaces.

Adding surprise to our sexual repertoire also re-stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain. These are one of the many neurotransmitters responsible for lust.

Obviously, I had to find out more ways I could work standing sex into my repertoire. As I researched sex positions, I looked for variations accommodating a wide range of physical abilities — standing sex can be quite the workout.

Ahead, my favorite standing sex positions. Trust me when I say these will bring your sex life to new heights.

Vicious Venus

Your partner is positioned on a countertop, which allows for G-spot stimulation. By placing her legs on your shoulders, you can allow for deep penetration, while also controlling the angle to find what gives the most pleasure. This is a great position for standing beginners who aren’t quite ready for both partners to get vertical yet.

Three legged

I know I’m not the only one with the fantasy of having sex while being pushed up against the wall. And the best part about this position is that you don’t need gymnast-like flexibility to do it. Your partner should stand facing you, while your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Lift one of her legs and wrap it around your hip. She can either hold it there, or (for a challenge) she can try wrapping it far enough around you that she can hold herself up without your help. Use her elevated leg to help guide the depth of penetration, as well as the speed.

Sensual shower

When talking about standing sex, it would be impossible to skip mentioning the classic: shower sex. While I think anything that gets you off goes, chances are you’re not having sex horizontally on your shower floor, unless it’s massive or has a bench. There are plenty of variations on how to have shower sex, but you’ll need to be standing for most of them.

Mermaid moan

The Mermaid is a particularly acrobatic pose, and it requires core strength and practice. Standing in a “spooning” position, you wrap your arms around your partner’s abdomen, and she locks her arms around yours and uses this support to lift her legs up and behind you, latching her feet around your thighs. While this position is quite difficult, it can be extremely thrilling for your lady to have her entire body weight supported while being penetrated. Since both your arms are interlocked, this position is slightly less difficult than other standing positions that require more upper body strength.

Victory dance

This pose was designed for tight spaces and doorways, and it involves both parties utilizing wall space. Both you and your partner lean your bodies back to rest against the walls or door frames and use your contact points with the wall as support to thrust forward and backwards. Your partner keeps one leg on the ground between your legs, and lifts her other leg and places it over your shoulder. You can use your hands to manipulate your partner’s hips and hold them steady. Sure, this one takes a lot of flexibility for the lady. But I personally find this pose psychologically stimulating, since I imagine going over to my partner’s house, dropping everything immediately, and getting right down to business in a doorway. Sometimes, you’re just too horny to make it all the way to the bedroom, and I love the idea of sex that is urgent and can’t wait.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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