Sex Positions to Rock Her World

Sex Positions to Rock Her World

I’m going to be honest with you. A lot of the sex moves and positions out there don’t always have the woman’s pleasure in mind. Sometimes a position or technique can be too complicated, or it might be something that is more pleasurable for the man than for the woman. When it comes to her pleasure, the position that you choose can be one of the most important factors in whether or not she has an orgasm. It’s not that a sex position alone will bring her to orgasm (although, some might!), but it is one of the factors that will help her to orgasm and something you definitely want to pay attention to.

Just like anything else related to sex, different women are going to have different preferences. How do you know what positions are best for your partner?

* Try them out! The best way to find out is by doing them. You can use the following list of positions and try each one to see which ones work best for you. Each couple will have sex in a different way, so even a position that she may not have enjoyed with another partner, might end up being a favorite with you (or vice versa!).

* Ask her! Keep the lines of communication open is extremely important. Tell her to let you know if something is working for her or if she doesn’t like something.

The Best Sex Positions for Her Pleasure

Woman on Top – This particular position allows your partner to be in control of every part of the process. She can control how deep you thrust, how fast, and at what angle. This is a great position to start with because she can explore what she likes and learn a lot about how your bodies best move together. She can try lying down on top of you, straddling you, or whatever other variation works best. Have her try leaning forward so that her clitoris rubs on your pubic bone.

Doggy Style – You might be surprised to see this one on the list because it’s a sex position that is generally more popular with men than with women, but if doggy style is done right, it can be a great position for women too. One of the major benefits to this positions is that you can reach your hand around and stimulate her clit while penetrating her at the same time. Doggy style can be really intense for some women, so go slowly and check in with her about how deep and fast she likes it.

Coital Alignment Technique – At first glance this position just looks like it’s missionary with the woman’s legs wrapped around her partner’s waist, but there is an important adjustment that makes this position really amazing for women. The man should adjust his body so that he is slightly higher up on her body (you should align his pelvis so that it comes into contact with her clitoris). Instead of focusing a lot of effort on thrusting, focus more on grinding your pelvic bone into her, which will give her amazing clitoral stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl – This is another great woman on top position where the woman straddles you, but does so facing your feet, instead of your head. You get a sexy view, similar to that of doggy style, and she gets all the control that goes along with being on top, plus she can really go to town without feeling too “on display,” since her back is to you. She will get great G spot stimulation from this angle of penetration and can manually stimulate her own clitoris to bring herself to orgasm.

On a Chair – Don’t be afraid to use a prop if necessary to get the right position. One of the best props you can use is a chair. For this position, use an armless one, like a dining room chair. Using a chair really provides more than just one amazing position, so don’t be afraid to try out different things and see what she likes best. You can sit in the chair and if she straddles you facing you, her clitoris will easily rub against your body and provide her with awesome stimulation. Next try having your partner face away from you. In this position, you can easily reach around and stimulate her clitoris with your hand, while stimulating her G spot with your penis. You can even use the chair as a base for her to steady herself against as you do standing doggy style. Get creative!

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