Sex Positions to Fit the Mood

Sex Positions to Fit the Mood

Do you always go with the same tried and true sex positions no matter what? If the answer is yes, it’s time to change things up! Sex positions are like music. You need to choose a position that fits the mood and you’re not always going to be in the same mood every time you have sex with your partner. Just like you wouldn’t choose to listen to hard rock at full blast when you want to kick back and relax or soft classical music when you want to get pumped at the gym, you wouldn’t choose a wild and physical sex position when you want to have sensual, slow sex. So, keeping that in mind, today I’m going to share with you sex positions for every mood. This way you’ll be sure to match her mood with just the right position to make it really rock her world.

Your mood is: HOT, wild, and crazy – For this kind of mood you want something really hot. When you’re both crazy with lust for each other and you need to have sex RIGHT NOW, you need a wild position that will allow you to really go crazy. So, in this case you want to do this amped up version of doggystyle. She’ll get on all fours on the bed, but position herself so that her backside is lined up with the edge of the bed. You’ll come at her standing up, from behind. In this standing position you have the ability to completely control your thrusts and your hands are free to touch her body however you want. GO WILD!

Your mood is: Romantic and loving – So, sometime you want to have wild sex and then other times you want to MAKE LOVE. You definitely know the difference, but do you know what the best position for this mood is? You want an intimate position that allows you to connect with your partner, so something where you can look into each other’s eyes is ideal. For this mood, try lying down on your sides facing each other. The angle of this position forces you to go slow and sensual. It’s especially romantic because you’re facing one another and your bodies are completely intertwined and touching from head to toe.

Your mood is: Making up – We’ve all done it, make-up sex.You’re both still a little pissed off, but you’re ready to blow off some steam in the bedroom. The best position here is one that allows her to take control. If you want the argument to truly be over, this is a great way to surrender to your partner and let her blow off steam. Have her climb on top of you for the cowgirl position. You lie flat on your back and she straddles you like a horse and rides. This is a great position because she is in control of how fast and how deep you go. Her chance of orgasming is great when she can set the pace for sex. And hey, a great orgasm is a fantastic way to forget about why you were fighting in the first place!

Your mood is: Naughty – Sometimes a woman just wants to feel a little bit like a bad girl. This is a fun one if you’re feeling really randy and you want to change things up. Sit her down in a comfortable chair and tie her wrists either behind her back or to the arms of the chair. To get extra naughty you can even tie her ankles to the legs of the chair, just make sure she is still able to spread her legs nice and wide. Once she is in position you’re going to give her the best, hottest oral sex she has ever had. So hot.

Your mood is: Tired – Let’s be honest here. There are times when you’re just too tired for sex, but like most men I know, you’re not about to turn it down either. After all, what better way to collapse into bed than after a really amazing orgasm? Exactly, there is NO better way! When you’re feeling especially tired and lazy, go for the missionary position, but don’t forget to do this important tweak to make it really great. Position your body slightly lower than hers. This will give you a better angle on entering her and stimulating her clitoris with your pelvis.

What’s your favorite sex position for every mood? Share it with me in the comment section below.

Gabrielle Moore

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