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Sex Positions for Every Shape and Size

Sex Positions

Sex Positions for Every Shape and Size

Tired of all those sex position guides that sound like they are meant for super models? Are you and your lover uniquely matched in a way that makes some of the standard sexual positions more difficult? Or do you just find yourself wondering “how do they do it?” when you see a basketball player dating an itsy-bitsy lady half his height?

There are several factors that affect how your body fits together with your lover’s in ways that may not be easy to figure out from the standard sizes and shapes we see in pornography and even in sex position books like the Kama Sutra. How often do you see your own body represented in erotic works?

Weight is often the most obvious, as it already affects so many other aspects of our lives and personality. Other factors though include things like height, flexibility, special abilities, physical disabilities, penis size, vaginal depth, likes and dislikes, needs and desires. In particular, BDSM activities of just about any kind can require special considerations for different body types and sizes. Don’t ever try to force your partner into a position in which she is not comfortable. Also try to vary up positions through sex to help keep the muscles from straining or cramping up. In missionary position, try to change the way her legs are positioned often and don’t put too much of your own weight on them for too long. Give her a chance to stretch out every now and again by changing up to a woman-on-top or from-behind position, or taking a step back and letting her lie flat while you employ some manual or oral techniques for a while.

If You’re Tall… and She Isn’t

This size combo lends itself well to standing sex positions and play that gets you out of bed. If you have the upper body strength, she can wrap her legs around your body and you can hold her up. Otherwise, try standing on the stairs or having her sit on something taller than a chair, like the kitchen counter, a set of dresser drawers, or the back of the couch. If she likes sex from behind, she can stand and bend over something, resting her hips on the arm of a chair or her hands on the seat. From this position, you should have a lot of downward leverage with which to thrust, giving you a chance to angle in different directions for a number of different kinds of stimulation, including the possibility of some serious g-spot contact. Enjoy!

If She’s the Tall One

Shorter guys will find standing sex easier in tight spaces where she would have a hard time getting up onto someone taller, making your body perfect for quickies in the restroom or up against the front door when you get home from work. Doggie style sex is also really great with short guys, because you can get down very low onto the bed and she can use her own leverage to thrust against you for a super sexy show you won’t soon forget.

If You’re a Bit on the Heavy Side

A bigger body can be great for some of the more taboo positions – 69, which can be very difficult with a skinny guy, becomes a great exercise in body on body contact. Try getting a bit oiled up with a massage first. She can lie down directly on top of you and slide back and forth while she holds you in her mouth and grinds up against your body. If you are also taller than her, you will have more space to see what you’re doing and use your hands.

If You’re More Bone than Meat

Many women, especially curvy ladies, find they get a bit self conscious with a very thin man, often feeling an overwhelming and irrational fear of crushing him. Thin guys tend to have larger members, mostly because they have fewer layers of fat padding the base, and tend to be in fitter cardiovascular health as well, allowing them to go longer and with greater stamina. If you’re this fit, start off with the missionary position and give it to her in as many different variations as possible. If you have a shorter penis, or she is ovulating, bring her legs up higher to get deeper. If you are large or her vaginal canal is shallow, keep her legs low to help prevent bumping her cervix too hard.

For skinny guys or larger girls, reverse cowgirl is a great position to switch things up a bit. She can hold on to your knees for leverage and support and grind her clit against your thighs and pubic bone without putting any pressure on your chest. Try switching up between this position and the missionary varieties for extra long-lasting lovemaking that cycles your energies back and forth between you for as long as you can stand it!


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  1. Naval D

    May 12, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    Very informative and well written.

  2. Mario

    May 12, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Dear friend Gabrielle, thank you for sending so many info about sex, relationships, anatomy, the art of making love etc., etc., etc. All the subjects have been very interesting and you made me realize that sex is a kind of proper Universe and because of this we have to behave as explorers. The human nature usually becomes bored by doing the same things with the same person day after day but by knowing the unknown we could be better, do better and live better. Best Regards and have a good Mother’s Day. (Mine is 86 years old and is still a little bit optmistic, but not with sex!)

  3. Retired dominatrix

    May 12, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for your news letters. This one was particularly useful as I’m arthritic and have a knee and hip replacement on the same side plus a very bad lower back. The hip will not allow my husbands width and is at risk of dislocating as it did before the replacement. Sex has been a memory, but your arm of chair looks possible. What doesn’t help is that he has a hangup and can only climax if he’s on top of me. He is also overweight. I drew the short straw!

  4. Dennis Leonard (DGL)

    June 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    I always enjoy reading your messages and have had great success with many suggestions you have given. There is a height difference between my lady and myself but we have managed to overcome. I commend you on your insight into sex and it’s many dimensions. I thank you from myself and my lady for all your guidance. We have and will continue to enjoy each other because of your help. I am 60 and my wife a few years younger, but we have just begun to enjoy each other. Thank you!

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