Move Those Hips!

Move Those Hips!

Sometimes the key to a really killer sex position is not just how you place your body, but how you actually move it when you’re in position. Good sex can be like dancing. You need to have the right moves on the dance floor. It’s not just about methodically doing the steps, you need move your hips and put some style into it. Luckily for all of us, you don’t have to be a fabulous dancer in order to be a good lover, you just have to be willing to move your hips in just the right away when you’re in your favorite position. Does it sound complicated? I promise you, it’s easy.

Here are four amazing hip movements to incorporate into your favorite sex positions the next time you’re with your partner:

1. Do the Twist – In this first move you’re going to penetrate your partner deeply. This move can be done from any sexual position, so pick your favorite and give it a try. Once you’re deep inside her, move your hips around in a circular motion while staying deep inside. This will basically make your penis caress each part of the inside of her body. For an added bonus, make sure your hips are tilted in such a way that your pelvic bone will massage her clitoris from the outside. Your position will affect how you need to tilt, so pay attention to which way gets you maximum contact.

2. Deep Down, She’s Going to Love This One – This next move is all about going as deep as possible. In order to get the right angle, you want her hips to be slightly elevated, so prop a pillow (or two) under her butt to get the perfect fit. Next she’ll spread her legs and you’ll go deep inside her until you can’t go any deeper. Take a pause there and then thrust a little more rocking your hips forward. Now you’ll pull your hips back, but not pull out. Stay deep inside her. You’ll basically be rocking your hips back and forth, up and down, deeply thrusting inside her. Once you have the right rhythm down your partner can match your deep thrusts by rocking her hips to open herself up more.

3. Kegel Explosion – You may have heard of Kegel exercises before. The Kegel muscle stretches from your pelvic bone down to the tail bone, covering the whole genital area. Keeping this muscle fit and toned has amazing health and sexual satisfaction benefits for both men and women. It can help issues like urinary incontinence and it can also help men last longer and have more powerful orgasms. In this particular hip movement you’re going to use kegel exercises to ramp up the effect of this move. When you move your hips upward and forward (thrusting into her), try tensing and flexing your Kegel muscle. Then when you rock your hips back, relax the Kegel muscle. If you don’t know how to flex your Kegel, it’s the muscle that you use if you have ever “flexed” your penis to make it get just a little harder or move a little up and down. That’s doing a Kegel exercise! Doing this in time with your hip movements will make your penis bigger and harder inside her and it has the added benefit of indirectly massaging your prostate when you flex the muscle, which feels amazing for you!

4. The Pendulum Swing – This is a basic move to remember anytime you’re in any position. Think of your hips like a pendulum. Instead of just moving your pelvis in and out as you thrust, be sure to swing your hips back and forth at the same time. Many guys make the mistake of just thrusting in and out without doing any hip movement at all. Swinging your hips can help to stimulate her G spot and rub on her clitoris at the same time. It feels amazing for her and it’s not hard to incorporate this move into any position you like to do.

You’ve probably already noticed that these hip moves are about deliberate, hot and sexy movements, not necessarily fast pumping and thrusting. Don’t be afraid to take it slow and make sure she feels every sweet movement as you swivel those hips. A good hip movement can take her favorite sex position and give it a superpower.

Gabrielle Moore

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