Be a sex genius



Be a sex genius

“Forget about Prince Charming. Go for the wolf. He can see you better, hear you better, and eat you better.”

Give me a sexual boundary and I will gladly push it. And sometimes pushing is necessary because even a fantastic lust life can get a little routine. So when I set out to cook up a new batch of sex positions, I knew they had to fulfill a few requirements: be unbelievably frisky, easy to master, and intensify the erotic experience for both of you. Some guys confuse “boundary pushing” with “complex”, and that isn’t true. It’s all about introducing an unexpected, over-the-top element – whether it’s a little prop or even just a switch in location. With that in mind, I took seven positions and infused them with a new tweak. The emphasis here is on creating a no-holds-barred vibe that your partner won’t forget. You in? Let’s do this.

The fire dragon

If prime-time clitoral stimulation is what you’re after (and honestly, you should be, if you want to make sure your partner orgasms), woman-on-top can’t be beat. But I’ve found a way for you to give your lady’s hot button an even bigger thrill: a vibrating condom ring. Just slip it onto you penis and push it down to the base, with the nub directly facing her clitoris. Have her climb on top and move her pelvis forward. Not only does this provide the ultimate clitoral stimulation she needs in order to orgasm, but the ring also prolongs your erection by helping you keep your shaft engorged. It’s like bringing a vibrator into bed – without taking your manhood to task. To make the move more hands-on, try a finger vibe version. Slip the nub onto one of your digits and stroke her hot spot as she rides you senseless.

The ultimate squeeze

I’ll always have a place in my bed for missionary, but the pose could use a jolt of excitement. I have modified the move so you’ll both fall head over heels for it – literally. Have her slip on the sickest pair of stilettos she owns. As you enter her, have her wrap her legs around your lower hips. She should run the tip of her stilettos along your thighs to familiarize you with the sensation. Then, as your thrusts get deeper, she should gently dig the heels into your butt cheeks. Normally, man-on-top is a passive position for the woman, and the guy can get worn out. This levels the playing field by giving your partner more control and keeps you on your toes so you’re not just mindlessly thrusting away. Show her you’re enjoying the ride by thrusting in tandem to her digging. For maximum effect, you should use the shoes as a foreplay prop. If she struts around in them as she undresses, it sets a taboo mood, and later, you’ll make a mental association with the sensation of the dig and how hot she looked earlier.

Sexy steam

Hot, misty air is perfect for loosening stiff muscles… and inhibitions. Steam has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, so you’re less likely to be caught up in any body hang-ups. And unlike shower sex (which presents shrinkage and slippage issues), sexing it up in a steamy bathroom provides all the heat you need, sans side effects. Create the scene by closing the door to the bathroom and running the shower on the hottest possible setting for about 15 minutes. Turn off the water, and lay a couple of towels on the floor of the shower or tub. Have your partner step in and bend over, placing her palms on the wall or the rim of the tub for balance. Enter her from behind. The heat from the steam increases blood flow throughout your body, including around your partner’s genitals, which allows you to penetrate and stimulate her more easily. For an added sensation and surprise, bring a bucket of ice cubes into the bathroom with you. As you thrust away, run a bit of ice down her back The temperature change adds another dimension by keeping her nerve endings and skin on high alert.

Back to back passion

Reverse cowgirl is girl-on-top 2.0. But it’s time for another upgrade. Here, your family jewels get major play. Have her straddle you with her face facing your feet. As she moves up and down, she should begin to stroke your boys. In this position, she has easy access to the area, so she can alternate between finger strokes, gentle squeezes of the sack and light scratching. Doing so provides you with two levels of sensation: her body deeply bearing down on your shaft and her fingers stroking your testicles.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. To make your orgasms more explosive, you’ve got to really commit on being creative. For innately raw, must-have-you-now sex positions, click this link.

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