Add some new moves to your sex play



Add some new moves to your sex play

“Nothing is sexier than someone who wants you as much as you want them”

What’s the best thing about reading my column every week? You learn new tricks that will promote you to sex ninja status. Which means more opportunities to get steamy with your partner, obviously. So here they are, the tips that will help you get even better in bed.

1. Fire up her desire – Before you can awaken awesome sex, you have to know what turns her on.

Help her get lucky… with herself. While you are both enjoying a bath, tell her that you would love to see her masturbate. She will literally get in touch with what arouses her and you will be there to take mental notes. Is she into clitoral play or clockwise strokes to her nipples (No need to choose!). Learn, then bring her favorite moves to your bedroom sessions.

Fifty shades of fantasize. You have your porn flicks that helped you break records for the most orgasms in one day. She has Fifty Shades of Grey. If you want her really turned on, draft a reading list. If it gets her hot in print, try it in real life. Tip: Fifty Shades of Grey is tame compared to erotica bible Delta of Venus, by Anais Nin.

Live life on the edge. He once had sex with an apple pie, but Jason Biggs’ latest sexperiment on Orange is the New Black is actually worth copying. Try edging: touching her until she’s close to climax, then letting her cool off. It will help you learn if she likes quickies or a sensual build-up.

Tap into hot memories. Recount an experience from the past that really lit your fire and encourage her to do the same. Was it holiday sex? Zero in on what made both of you moan… and resolve to do it more.

2. Psych up her inner sex kitten – Now that she’s feeling all turned on and tingly, it’s time you give her a hand when it comes to priming for hotter hook-ups. Steamier sex starts with you – so suit up and set the mood.

Start a sexercise routine. Pump her up with a magical sex toy that strengthens her pelvic floor muscles and intensifies her orgasms. I recommend the L-shaped Evi by Aneros. Insert and have her pulse her kegels against it while its curved ends stimulate her G-spot and clitoris for OMG-gasms.

Sexify her. Give her the chance to indulge in the pamper treats that make her feel like a Scarlett Johansson-level sex nymph. Brazilians always do the trick for most women, so go with her to her favorite beauty parlor and tell her treats are on you. A new wax or a sensual massage will make her want to get it on with you later that day.

Log off, get it on. Put your phones on silent, stop binge-watching crappy TV shows on your laptops, and sign out of Facebook. Because sex is way better than looking at pictures of your friends’ holiday fun.

Get racy and lacy. She’ll look at you in awe if you make sexy lingerie an unexpected present for a boring Tuesday evening. Choose garters, chokers or a peekaboo bra. For added sauce, store the silky G-string under a pair of silky boy shorts and have her slowly strip for added suspense.

3. Tell her what you really, really want – Because frankly, she doesn’t have a sex ESP. Speak up and finally get yours in bed. Here’s how to articulate your every sexy desire and fantasy

Sext it to her now. Want more oral but can’t say it. Tell her “I can’t stop thinking about your mouth on me”, add in a kiss emoji and send. The message will be received.

Mirror, mirror… Look in a mirror and practice what you want to say. Lead with a compliment (“I love it when you lick my package”) before suggesting a new move (“It would turn me on so much if you used two fingers right there”)

Show and tell. Want her to tickle you with ostrich feathers and call you The Incredible Hulk? Couples porn or sexy fiction make great conversation starters. Share a naughty clip and breezily tell her “I stumbled across this and it really turned me on”.

Follow the leader. Here’s one for your Pinspirational Quotes Board: Be the change you want to see… in bed. Yearning for a smack on the bum when you’re on top? Love tap her butt during girl on top – it will inspire her to give it back as good as she got.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. With so many women needing extra stimulation to be able to orgasm, it’s imperative that you try out these tricks as soon as you can. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about sexual positions CLICK HERE NOW!

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