6 Sex Positions You Can Actually Do

6 Sex Positions You Can Actually Do

What’s so important about sex positions? Couples are forever in search of getting the angle just right in order to maximize pleasure for both parties. Some positions might feel great for the man and not be a favorite for the woman, and vice versa. Then you might have a position or two that really work for you as a couple, but of course you want to keep things interesting, so you keep trying new positions to see if you can add another one to your repertoire. The search for the best and most pleasurable sex positions goes on and on. In an effort to always have new material, some sex columns will list off impossible sex positions that might look good on paper or in a fancy photo with good looking models, but in real life it’s impossible to pull them off. So today I’m bringing you 6 sex positions that you can actually do with your partner. There will be no standing on your head or doing back bends on this list…

1. Arched Missionary – This is a spin off of the regular missionary position. The woman lies down on her back facing up and the man lies on top of her, but arches his back up and props himself up with his arms straight. This allows for controlled and powerful thrusting and it gives the woman a lot of amazing clitoral stimulation as his pelvic bone rubs into her genital area.

2. Standing Doggy Style – Try this one anywhere but in the bedroom, just to make things more interesting. She bends over and holds on to a piece of furniture (a chair, a table, whatever is most comfortable). You stand behind her and enter from behind. Reach around and stimulate her clitoris. You won’t believe how amazingly deep you can go with this position.

3. Standing One Legged – The name makes it sound hard but it’s easier than it sounds! With this position you are both standing up. She will lift one leg and wrap it around your waist/butt so you can enter her more easily. Hook your hand or arm under her leg so that she doesn’t get tired holding it up (another option is to place a chair or something else that she can rest her leg on). The closeness of your bodies should provide for good clitoral stimulation in this position.

4. Sexy Stairs Position – If you have stairs in your home you HAVE to try this one out. The man sits on the top stair and the woman will lower herself down to sit on his lap as he enters her from behind. She will love this one because she’ll be in control of the speed, depth and thrusting as she lowers herself down on to you again and again. Hopefully you have a handrail on your stairs because this will help her to control her movements and steady her body.

5. On the Counter Position – As you can imagine this position is to be done with her on the kitchen counter, or any other surface that has her at a good height for entry. She sits on the edge and you stand in front of her and enter her. This is much easier than the position where you’re standing and holding her up because the counter does the job of propping up her body. Have her lean back and put her elbows on the counter behind her (or lie down on her back) to get an amazing view of her body and to be able to stimulate her clitoris.

6. Cradle Position – Sit on the bed facing each other. Scoot forward in order to be able to penetrate her. She will wrap her legs around your waist and you should put your feet together with your legs around her creating a kind of cradle for her body. With this position you will have to go slowly and sensually. You will both rock back and forth. The benefit of this position is that you will build intensity slowly and hopefully climax together with one big BANG. Women are big fans of it because you can look right at each other and the slow, sensual sensations are really pleasurable.

With the right sex position you can completely change the sensations for your partner during sex. That’s why it’s important to try new positions. But it’s equally important to do positions that are comfortable and realistic for each person. You shouldn’t have to be a yoga master or an Olympic gymnast to be able to pull off enjoyable sex.

Wet kisses,
Gabrielle Moore

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