Get a HOT view during sex (and stay rock hard)



Get a HOT view during sex (and stay rock hard)

Imagine you and your wife or girlfriend getting home from a romantic dinner, excited about your intense connection and willing to share hours of erotic passion together. You start kissing and touching in all of those sweet places, your bodies are on fire and in less than a few minutes you’re already having sex. But just when she’s starting to feel amazing, your erection weakens and you start panicking… What if you won’t be able to satisfy your woman tonight?

Listen, erectile dysfunction is much more common than people think — actually, more than 50% of men experience erection problems, says a recent study. It’s true that it’s more common in older men since 40% of men over 40 experience this condition… and the older you get, the number gets even higher.

Even younger men start to experience erection problems, often times because of their unhealthy lifestyle (poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, or even too much solo action).

While it may not seem like a big deal to experience a weak erection from time to time (or none at all), this type of dysfunction is often a sign of a deeper physical or psychological problem. Don’t forget that erections are part of a very complex system involving the brain, nervous system, hormones, and muscles. A balanced lifestyle will help you prevent weak erections, so take good care of yourself.

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Another fun way to ensure you stay hard for longer during hot sessions with your partner is to play up sex positions! Having a sexy view of your partner will increase your arousal and stamina.

Sexy Lunge Position

If you’re used to being on top and in control, let her offer you a better view by getting on top and experimenting with new moves. It’s a great opportunity to spice things up, learn more about what you like and expand the tingling sensations of great sex.

The Sexy Lunge Position means that she will sit on top of you in a lunge position while riding you. This requires a bit of strength and flexibility, so tell her to use her hands for balance. Lay down on your back, open your legs and tell her to come on top of you in a lunge position. Hold her waist and have her move up and down, then switch for circular motions. Just get creative and have fun until you discover your favourite moves!

Hot Chair Position

This is one of my favourite positions, because it offers you a clear exciting view of penetration, while also being sensual and relaxing.

Use a table and a chair. Sit on the chair and have your partner sit on your lap. Then tell her to slightly bend over the table so you get a hot view while penetrating her from behind.

The Hot Ballerina Position

This is one of the most erotic (and exotic) positions you will ever experience. It’s not easy to perform as it requires a lot of flexibility from your partner, but it can easily be adapted to suit you perfectly. Start this position by standing up and facing each other. Then have her raise her right leg as far as she is able — you can hold it with your hand to help her and also get in a dominant position. If she’s much shorter than you, she can stand up on the bed, in front of you. She can rest her leg on your forearm while you pull her closer and get even deeper inside of her.

The Surprise Intersection Position

This is not the kind of position you always aim for, as it’s not very intuitive — but that’s exactly what you need if you desire novelty and rock hard erections for longer. To get into the Surprise Intersection Position, you both need to lay on your sides. Your woman needs to lay with her head at the top of the bed and feet at the end of the bed. You will then be lying across the bed, with your feet on one side and your head on the other side of the bed. The idea is to form a cross with your bodies while performing it. You will stand on your side, between her legs, while penetrating her. You should have a clear view of what’s happening down there, plus you can keep your free hand on her butt.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Darling, feel free to use any creative position that comes to mind — novelty will definitely help you get those hard and lasting erections you need to make your lady reach erotic bliss tonight.

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