Use these 6 words to drive her wild in bed



Use these 6 words to drive her wild in bed

When was the last time you made your woman look at you with hungry eyes, trembling with desire and the NEED to have you closer? I don’t think it’s true that attraction disappears, it’s just that we stop making efforts like at the beginning of our relationship.

And how could sex be amazing if we leave out play and seduction? A lot of men complain to me about how sex has become boring or how their women aren’t horny anymore. But when a woman loses her libido, it doesn’t mean she suddenly dislikes sex – she just craves a different approach.

And listen, if she was once crazy about you, it means you can reiterate that spark in no time – all you have to do is remind her of your wildest moments.

As I always say, female attraction goes beyond the physical part, so don’t expect her to just be ready for sex every time you’re feeling horny. Subtle details like sexy gestures, body language and your way with words can really make her crazy about you. Trust me, if you can activate her subconscious sex triggers, she will crave for you all day long, and even wait for you to come back from the office in this tiniest, sexiest lingerie.

After years and years of experience and research and after fruitful conversations with both men and women, I’ve come to realize that certain words can instantly activate awoman’s desire and passion.

 Yes, there are certain words that can instantly turn you in a hot stud the minute they reach her ears. And that’s because attraction starts in the brain – this might be the reason why you often wonder why sexy women date less than average dudes. When you have a game, you suddenly become interesting and desirable.

And if she already has feelings for you, it will be much easier to regain your position as the sexiest man in her life.

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1. [Hername]

Here are the 6 words which activate her attraction instantly and change the game in the bedroom – don’t be afraid to come up with more if you’re feeling creative!

 Jessica, Sophie, Alexandra… Whichever her name is, don’t forget to whisper it during sex. If you’ve not been doing it for a while, you’ll be amazed by the effect it has on your woman. As I’ve discovered over the years, female pleasure is a bit narcissistic – simply hearing her name makes her feel special like she’s the only woman you want or think about. Plus, this reassures her that you’re thinking of her and not fantasize about some hot actress while you’re with her.

2. “Tight”

Of course, you have to use this word in reference to her vagina. Every woman wants to hear from you that she’s tight and how her vagina makes you feel incredible. Don’t hesitate to describe how good it feels to be inside of her.

3. “Wet”

Your erection is very visible, but the signs of her arousal are a lot more subtle. So detecting her wetness is an intimate gesture which makes her even wetter. Sometimes, simply referencing her wetness before she’s wet can help her getinto the mood faster and help her body produce that essential lubrication. Just say something like: “You’re getting so wet…”, and she’ll go wild.

4. “You”

It might seem like an odd word to turn a woman on, but emphasizing the woman and not the act really makes her feel desired and closer to you. I mean think about it: when you say “You really turn me on”, you’re giving her the main role, as opposed to saying “I’m really turned on”, which makes you look like you’re focused only on your own sexual experience.

5. “Need”

It’s not a secret anymore that women want to feel wanted, and when you express that desire up front, it makes you even sexier and more masculine. When you’re in the mood, just say: “I need you now”, and you’ll get her in the mood too.

6. “Come”

A classic paper in the Sexuality&Culture journal says that this is the only which simultaneously conveys desire, orgasm, pleasure, and loss of control. This is the reason why it has such a HUGE erotic potential. Gently whisper “I want to make you come” or “Just looking at you makes me want to come” and see the instant spark in her eyes.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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