These 4 types of touches drive her WILD



These 4 types of touches drive her WILD

Female arousal is complicated… but admit it: you like complicated. It’s intriguing and challenging, even after years of marriage. This playful dynamic between men and women is my favorite thing in the world.

Is it true that she says “No” when she wants to say “Yes”? Maybe. Does she really want you when she smiles like or is it just a way to keep you guessing? You’ll never know.

You can call her a player, but the reality is this: female libido is a lot different than yours. Her brain is simply wired differently, so there are times when sexy words just won’t put her in the mood.

As I always say, women are emotional beings and they have a subconscious need to motivate their actions. Her libido is not only ruled by attraction as you may think, but also by how her brain deciphers your behavior towards her. Are you confident enough? Do you seem like you know what you’re doing? Is she really safe and relaxed around you?

The way you touch her says a lot about these things – and I’m not only referring to sexual touch but ALL kinds of touches. While some of them get you a rejection, a few of them drive her completely wild – no reasons needed.

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I’ll leave a few irresistible suggestions below:

The caring touch

Imagine you’re just talking to her casually and while you’re making a point you almost subconsciously touch her hair with your index finger, getting it out of her face, while looking in the direction of her forehead. I know it sounds silly, but it’s such a sexy gesture I’ve seen in most romantic comedies. It shows your confidence but also your caring side – you care about her comfort. Without even realizing it, she now perceives you as a capable and caring man who could improve the quality of her life just by being present. And that turns her on.

The unaware touch

As much as she likes to feel important, it’s not a good idea to overwhelm her with touch. Instead, try something intriguing that will make her wonder if you really desire her or not. When out at a bar or a party, stand next to her and touch the back of her neck but then start talking to someone else passionately about a subject you really like. Act as if you’re not even aware of touching her, but don’t take your hand off. Her heart will begin to beat faster and wish for a more explicit touch.

The hip-to-hip touch

To make her feel much more connected to you, it’s time to align those hips. Grab her around the waist and pull her hips against yours. It’s a little bit more advanced, but not in a way that forces her to pull back, especially if there’s already a spark between you too. She’ll feel some sort of familiarity, which will make her more receptive to everything you say or do. If you think it’s time to get even closer, pull her directly towards you so that your waists touch. 

The dominant touch

Even shy women love a dominant man, as long as he’s not offensive in any way. When you touch her in a dominant way, you want to make her feel vulnerable enough to let her guard down but not scared or humiliated. The easiest way to be dominant is to add firmness to your touch, making sure you’re not hurting her. Apply just enough pressure so that she understands you desire her, but don’t express it with words. At least not yet.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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