The hottest erotic tricks she wants you to find out about



The hottest erotic tricks she wants you to find out about

When it comes to sex and attraction, there are a lot of things you do well, but also a lot of things you could do better.

Women are complicated, but that’s what makes them so desirable. Their mystery draws you in, making you want to push all the right buttons. But no matter how eager and generous you are when it comes to her satisfaction, there are still mysteries to be solved.

A lot of the things you think turn her on might even annoy her, but she’s just too nice to tell you about it because, in the end, she appreciates your effort.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could master the exact moves which turn her on so much that she instantly starts rubbing her body against yours?
Sure, you might ask yourself why she doesn’t say it herself – that way you would know what to do to make her happy between the sheets. But the truth is if you knew about it from her, it wouldn’t be that exciting anymore.

Women love surprises, and their subconscious weakness is a man who can read their signals and give them what they want without making a big deal out of it. But hey, that’s not an easy task.

However, since I’m a woman and I know how female brain is wired, I can give you some insight. Read on to discover the hottest erotic tricks she secretly craves.

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Caress the base of her spine

Most couples tend to follow the same scenario every time they have sex, but the excitement will fade eventually. So surprise her by exploring a new area. A nice way to start is to slowly caress the base of her spine, which is packed with nerve endings that increase pleasure in her intimate area. Lick&kiss – she’ll go crazy in seconds!

Talk dirty

You might be wary of dirty talking because it’s easy to cross the line. The truth is every single woman will like it if you do it right. The secret is not to be vulgar or offending. Things like: “It feels so good inside of you” or “I want to taste you so bad” will make her wetter down there, while you will look more masculine and in control.

Make it a little dangerous

Even if she’s a shy person, she’ll love a little danger. Spice things up by doing it in a new place where you could get caught, like a parking lot or a fitting room at the mall. Don’t go all the way if you find it too risky – a little play will ensure you’ll share hotter moments when you get home.

Play with temperature

If peppermint schnapps is your thing, pour them in her belly button, then sip it and go to her breasts. Lick and kiss them and then blow over them. The peppermint and the air will create a cool sensation and heighten her sensations… everywhere.

Don’t stop when it feels good

You know those moments when she’s close to orgasm and then she misses it? That’s because any change in movement can ruin it. When you sense she’s approaching her climax, just keep doing what you were doing until she comes.

Don’t rush it during oral

Some women find it hard to reach orgasm during oral stimulation, even when it feels really good. Your mistake might be going too fast thinking that it will make her climax quicker. It’s the opposite, actually – you need to slow down. Slower and consistent moves help her reach orgasm.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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