Do you still believe these myths about female sexuality?



Do you still believe these myths about female sexuality?

Most of the things we think we know about female sexuality and libido are outdated and nurtured by our judgemental society. We blame women for saying “no” when they want to say “yes”, but we have to take into account the fact that for thousands of years society has demanded a certain behavior from them. For a woman, being perceived as “easy” or slutty is a horrific nightmare. It affects not only her social interactions but also her self-worth and appreciation.

But in the last years, things have started to change: women’s sexuality became something we were allowed to talk about. Even more, it became an interesting topic even in pop media, being approached by movies like Magic Mike or Fifty Shades of Grey, which were entirely focused on women’s fantasies and desires. The idea that women also crave sex became less outrageous and accepted as is: a natural basic need that shouldn’t ruin their reputation.

But we still have a lot of work to do in that sense. Because a lot of men (and even women) still want to believe false information about female sexuality, which is not only unfair but also unhealthy for our sex lives. Even more, these misconceptions I’m about to unveil may stop you from having the most amazing time in the bedroom with the woman you have in mind right now.

Myth #1. Women are less horny than you

Ah, I laugh every time I hear this nonsense. Listen, men and women are meant to procreate – this instinct, whether they realize it or not, rules their entire life. So they are both equally eager to mate with each other and fulfill this biological need.

Women aren’t less horny than you are, they just don’t show it as much as you because the society has thought them to be “nice” or play “hard to get”. They believe that once you know how much they desire you, you’ll have no interest in them anymore (which, admit or not, sometimes it’s true; the mating game is weird and unfair). She will still show her desire through body language, which she cannot control as much – but do you really know how to read her signals?

If you want to learn more about how women express their sexual desire, check out this controversial program called “Sexual Decoder System”. Warning: this program contains strong language and it may upset some people. I do not endorse this entirely, but I wanted to recommend it to you as I know it works. NOTE: This program was not created by me.

Myth #2: Women are more selective than you

Studies made on different dating platforms have found that the person who does the “approaching work” is seen as less selective than the person who is approached. Men are seen as less selective simply because most of the time they are the ones who approach a woman (even though things have changed considerably lately, which makes me happy). Women aren’t necessarily more selective, they just keep it under the radar most of the time – again, they are afraid of being exposed or being judged and seen as “slutty”. Of course, some women may be more selective than other women, but that is also true with men. It shouldn’t be a competition between men and women.

Myth #3: Women only like “boring” sex

Women are anything but boring when it comes to their sexual fantasies, especially considering the complexity of their emotions and sensations. But it’s this complexity that makes them a bit more cautious when it comes to sex. What you don’t know is that a woman would do absolutely anything with a man that makes her feel sexy, confident and comfortable. Trust me, the most “boring” and “nice” girls out there are able to blow your mind in bed – you just haven’t got the chance to explore their naughty side!

Myth #4: Women think about sex less than men do

There was indeed a study which confirmed this but then another study challenged the assumption. And that’s because the first study was made using college men as subjects and while these men reported that they were thinking about sex more often than women, it was found that they also thought about other needs like food and sleep more than women did. So the second study concluded that men, especially those in college, are simply more likely to think about their physical needs than women are. But this doesn’t mean women don’t think about sex A LOT.

Actually, when a woman thinks about sex once, it matters twice as much, because she’ll do it in a more intense manner. Unlike men, women create these complex and intense scenarios about sex that would compete with any erotic novel they have ever read. So don’t underestimate your partner! (wink)

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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