Sex Advice from Real Women



Sex Advice from Real Women

This weekend I went to brunch with a few of my best girlfriends. After catching up about our personal lives the conversation turned to sex, as it always does with my friends! One of them was complaining, “if there was only a way to directly tell men what they’re doing wrong or what I want without offending them.” Even though I talked to them about how there were ways to communicate your needs without offending, they insisted that some men would just take it badly if their woman told them what to do in bed. What do you think, guys? Are my friends right?

Based on that conversation, I decided to bring women’s sex advice to you. I’ve compiled specific sex tips from 9 real women. The only instruction I gave them was, “if you could tell your sexual partner one thing to do differently, more, or NOT do in bed, what would it be?”

“I really love it when my husband goes really slow. He gets excited and started thrusting faster and faster and sometimes that feels good, but what feels 100 times better than that is when he pulls all the way out and then penetrates me over and over again slowly. When he thrusts too fast I start to lose sensitivity, but when he goes slow I feel every bit of him enter me and it brings me to the brink so fast!”
-Kiley, 41 years old

“I hate it when my boyfriend kisses me really sloppy. Sometimes he licks and sucks all over my face. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but it just turns me off. I wish I could tell him without hurting his feelings, but how can I say that I don’t like the way he kisses?! I wish he would just pay attention to the way I kiss him and get the hint THAT is what I like!”
– Rebecca, 32 years old

“I love that our relationship doesn’t just have to be about intercourse anymore. It used to be all my husband wanted to do, but now we have a much more interesting sex life and it’s a lot more satisfying for me. We touch each other, we cuddle, we take showers together, we give each other oral sex. Sometimes we have orgasms and sometimes we just are together. We have grown even closer and it makes me even more attracted to him, even after all these years.”
– Melany, 54 years old

“Nothing gets me off faster than when my husband plays with my tits and fingers me at the same time. He starts just playing with my boobs and then when I’m nice and wet he starts finger me at the same time as my boobs are in his mouth. He nibbles on my nipple and it sends me over the edge. I can’t get enough of that!”
– Maggie, 38 years old

“I wish my husband took more time for foreplay. I know that is such a typical complaint for women, but it’s so true! If he would just take a minimum of 5 minutes to get me warmed up and touch something other than my vagina, I would be so much more interested in sex. It just seems like it’s all about him.”
– Lola, 43 years old

“I know the minute my husband kisses, hugs or shows me any kind of affection that he wants sex. I wish he would do that without hoping for something in return! When I complain he just says, it’s just that you get me so hot. Sure, that’s great, but sometimes I want affection without sex.”
– Carolyn, 28 years old

“I never thought I would like anal sex, but one year on my husband’s birthday I decided to try it as a ‘present’ for him. To my surprise, I loved it! It’s not something I want every day, but it’s become our special present sex act! My husband takes time to get me REALLY turned on before going inside. Once he does he goes really, really slowly until I’ve gotten used to him being inside me. Then I start touching myself and I cum so fast and hard. It’s amazing.”
– Veronica, 40 years old

“Sometimes my husband goes down on me and won’t let me reciprocate. I love it when he does that. No matter what I do or say, he insists on pleasing me without anything in return. When he’s done I can just lay back and fully enjoy the afterglow. The next day I can’t stop thinking about how good it was. And I always make sure to return the favor another day.”
– Carrie, 58 years old

“I wish my boyfriend would be more creative with how we do it. Instead of waiting until I’m in bed and exhausted at the end of the day, why don’t you take me the minute I walk in the door? That would make me so hot. I would feel like you just HAD to have me that instant.”
– Kim, 36 years old

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