Seduction strategies for HOT sex



Seduction strategies for HOT sex

There is a secret trait that makes a woman develop great passion and attraction toward you and that you overlook most of the time: Patience. Great sex starts before you take your clothes off — and that’s because the female brain thrives on anticipation and sexual tension. You may like to get to the desert as soon as possible, but she LOVES to just think about how delicious that desert will be. She likes to imagine it, to fantasise about it until she reaches maximum levels of excitement. You see, women like the anticipation of sex just as much as actually doing it. There’s a reason why 50 Shades of Grey became such a successful book among women.

So if you want to make her desire you with unprecedented intensity, then you need to do more than just taking her clothes off. And don’t worry — the game of seduction is something you will enjoy just as much as her because it’s a primal impulse, a very familiar mating ritual.

The only thing that stops you from making your woman crazy about you is not taking enough time to enjoy those little sensual clues that truly matter for both of you. And I get it: we are all busier than ever, we spend more time on our phones than with each other and we have important projects to take care of. But if you try to squeeze in these simple seductive strategies in your everyday life, I promise you will have the hottest sex ever!

Show your sexual confidence

You can send sexual clues without getting nude. This will create tension and attraction between you two before you even start the actual hot session. One of the most powerful masculine gestures is gently grabbing the back of her neck (or her chin) with your hand while looking at her lips when she’s speaking to you. The secret here is to not kiss her, even if she wants you to. The imaginary kiss will have a lot more power over her, triggering her sexual needs.

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Give her a sensual treat

No, it’s not sex. The idea here is to build as much sexual tension as possible, so offer her something that will make her fantasise about getting naked with you. I recommend a sensual massage since women love it when their men help them relax. Use a bit of scented oil and apply just enough pressure with your hands when you reach her erogenous zones. She might beg for you to get inside of her once the massage is over…

Have a “hands-off” conversation

Talking about sex is always fun, and it can be amazingly hot when you do it without touching each other. Casually start commenting on how sexy she looks when you penetrate her from behind, and then tell her about your favourite erotic moments with her. Ask her questions: What does she like the most about your sexual encounters? What are her secret fantasies?

A deep, intense conversation where you have permission to say whatever you want, no matter how explicit, will make both of you feel sexually liberated… and very eager to taste one another.

Touch her in strategic places

This is also a great way of building sexual tension — subtle touches in strategic places. Because this will not only spark her passion but will also keep her wondering — “Why did he stop there?”. So when you are alone with her doing random everyday stuff touch the side of her neck slightly then walk away. Other great places are the wrist of her hand, her belly, and her clavicle. Touching her in these places without immediately initiating sex will bring out her vulnerable side and make her desperate for more sensual touching!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: You can achieve a lot more than you think by simply insinuating erotic desire. These simple tools will help you get your woman’s attention more than ever before!

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