Say this (not that) to trigger her sexual hunger



Say this (not that) to trigger her sexual hunger

Believe it or not, the things you say matter more than you think. Language is very important when it comes to attraction, especially during those first few stages when we “dance” together, completing a mating ritual. Every little word or tone of voice can bring you closer… or further to the woman of your dreams. And no matter how handsome you are, you’ll never get to awaken that passion within her if your sexual communication skills are down to the minimum level — she’ll simply stop finding you attractive after you start talking. One of my best friends, Laura, is a great example of this dynamic. “You know, I was out with some friends and I spotted this incredibly handsome man at the bar. He was sitting there alone, looking at people, and I started imagining what he was thinking. I was ready to believe all the good stuff about him: that behind his pretty face there’s certainly an intellectual and emotional being that could take my emotions to the next level. Because you know how I like to idealize men that I’m attracted to. But when I finally approached him, he just made an indelicate remark about my butt which completely erased the attraction I was feeling towards him. I just walked away laughing at myself for thinking I wanted this man before even talking to him”, she confessed the other day.

This is why language is not just a simple tool for interacting with people. It is a way of expressing yourself, and the way you express yourself determines people to see you in a certain way. Women have a higher emotional intelligence — no offence! — so language is so much more important to them, especially when it comes to attraction and mating. Actually, women choose their mates based on their social and communication skills. This doesn’t mean you have to be the most popular guy in the building, you just have to be able to use language in a way that makes her feel sexy and desired. It is time to replace your boring phrases with these sensual remarks that make her want you more&always.

You say: “Let’s have sex.”

Say this instead: “Your skin looks incredible. I can’t wait to kiss every inch of it.”

Being direct isn’t a bad thing but especially in a long-term relationship, it becomes really boring and unattractive to simply say you want to have sex. In the first few months, it may be enough (not for every woman, though) because the novelty of the relationship keeps those butterflies alive — but nothing fades quicker than physical attraction, believe it or not. The most intense sexual encounters are actually sustained by both physical and emotional connection.

Complementing on her skin is every woman’s dream. Skin is the most “carnal” concept in the human subconscious, but it’s also related to confidence, self-esteem, and femininity. When you say that, you’re not only implying your desire for her (which is predictable) but also the reason for that desire: which is her beautiful skin. Plus, the simple word “skin” has proven to be an aphrodisiac to the female brain, instantly triggering her desire for sex and intimacy.

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You say: “You’re so tight.”

Say this instead: “Wow, it feels awesome to be inside of you.”

It’s true that women are generally self-conscious when it comes to the “tightness” of their vagina, and they may like it when a man makes that kind of remark. On the other hand, this expression is getting old and can even come across as insensitive in the modern era we’re living in. It’s too specific and a little selfish because it sends the message that it’s all about your pleasure. Telling her how awesome it feels to be inside of her has a totally different connotation because it’s like saying “I like being with you in general” while also implying that she is tight down there. It will make her feel more connected to you, which will intensify her sexual desire. My favorite part is that the words which give her pleasure get stuck in her mind forever — this means she will think intimately about you even when you’re not present.

You say: “I’m so horny right now.”

Say this instead: “I could do this with you ALL night long.”

Telling her you’re horny will only make you look like a desperate teenager who’s having sex for the second time in his life. I mean the phrase is pretty acceptable for quickies, but if you really want to make her wetter than she already is, say something that will stimulate her imagination — my suggestion will instantly have her think of countless of unbearably pleasurable sensations. Tell her how you could ride her all night long, and she’ll know how much you desire her at that moment. Because this makes you both feel connected sexually, your woman will respond with that same intensity — trust me, things will go from zero to 100 real quick.

When you’re trying to say something to instantly activate her sexual hunger, always think of a way of involving her in the sensations you’re describing. Knowing that SHE’s the one who makes you feel that way will definitely intensify her appetite.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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