How to lower her inhibitions and enjoy greater sex



How to lower her inhibitions and enjoy greater sex

While sex is one of the greatest ways to connect with your partner on a deeper level, it is also a way of letting go of tension, frustrations, and uncertainty of life. It helps us forget about our fears and let our bodies fill with thrilling pleasuring sensations.

But not all women associate sex with freedom of the body and mind. Actually, most of them don’t. I’m sure that most of the women you met in your life used to cover their bodies with sheets and ask you to please turn off the light, and were even afraid or ashamed to be vocal about the pleasure they were experiencing.

If your woman is limited by her inhibition, I have to tell you that she’s probably not even reaching a quarter of her sexual potential. And it’s not because she doesn’t like sex. It’s not because she doesn’t like novelty or kinky play – you might even be amazed to find out that her fantasies are much racier than yours.

The problem is that she doesn’t allow herself to experience more than just mediocre sex. And often time this has a lot to do with two things – trust and confidence. If you want to help her lower her inhibition in order to experience the greatest sex ever (and to show you a whole new side of her), then you have to find a way to make her trust you completely and become more confident in general.

Here’s the truth: most women hate their bodies and avoid seeing themselves naked. So why would she let you see her in such a vulnerable position? She will have the kind of sex that makes her feel safe and most of the time that’s not great sex. But if you can make her feel completely safe and free – even while she’s naked – she will be willing to experiment more and more. And you’ll both have the greatest sex of your lives, so everybody wins.

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Let her taste the pleasure of power and control

If your woman never initiates sex it’s not because she’s not into it – she probably thinks it’s “your job”, especially if you’ve always been the one to start a hot session. But this only makes her become more closed off about her deepest sexual desires. Give her control and you’ll help her discover a new wild side of herself.

How will you do that? By giving up control yourself. Just sit on a chair, lock eyes with her and tell her she can do anything she wants with you. Tell her she has total control for one night and see what happens. She might be skeptical at first, but she’ll get really curious about herself. And this will encourage her to explore more.

Make her LOVE her body

You have no idea how exciting a woman who loves herself – and her body – can be. Men should put more effort into making a woman feel great about herself because that’s when she’ll become an amazing lover, ready to give you the night of your dreams.

First of all, I have to tell you that women are weird with compliments. If you compliment her legs, she’ll start wondering why you don’t like her breasts as much. If you only tell her how good she looks when she wears make-up, she will feel insecure without it. So go for more general compliments, like “You have a beautiful body” or “I love your natural beauty”.

Also, try the following experiment: spend time with each other while being completely naked, but not when you have sex. Simply choose a fun activity – like cooking – and do it naked. She’ll stop making such a big deal out of it and won’t feel the need to cover herself anymore during sex.

Encourage her to express and feel more pleasure

Some women are shy about moans, so they barely give you a few giggles in the bedroom, which is a bit discouraging, as screams and moans make you feel like you know what you’re doing. Also, when she keeps herself from expressing pleasure she’ll feel less of it. Hearing herself moan is very arousing and intensifies her pleasure. But if she’s quiet she may be afraid of waking the neighbors or simply sounding fake or too dramatic. You can help her with that by creating a background noise, which will make her feel more comfortable with your sex noises. Do it in the shower, run the dishwasher or put some music during sex.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, her inhibitions will only stop her from having amazingly hot sessions with you, so helping her break free is crucial for your intimate connection. The changes you make should be subtle enough so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed and become even more self-conscious. Tell me how it went!

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