How to flirt with a HOT woman and spark sexual attraction



How to flirt with a HOT woman and spark sexual attraction

If you’re sick of being single and miserable, then I think you should join me in this honest conversation about the attraction game.

Do you still believe hot women are way out of your league? Do you watch them passing by and not even dare to dream that you could be that guy who makes them moan at night? Let me tell you a little secret about female attraction: it is totally unpredictable and based almost entirely on emotion.

Which means it doesn’t matter how you look like, how much money you make or if you’re an Alpha or a Beta – not if you manage to spark that mysterious attraction that makes her completely vulnerable and completely crazy about you.

It might seem intimidating to even try to flirt with hot women. I mean they could have any guy in the room, so why would they bother talking to you? See, this is the first mistake you make: you think they’re different than other women just because they’re so attractive. Truth is ALL women want similar things: to feel understood, to create an intimate connection, to feel desired and important.

After all, a lot of 10/10 women are dating average looking guys which proves you don’t have to look like Chris Hemsworth to get their attention. But you do need to master a few techniques that will spark their sexual attraction in uncontrollable ways. If you want to ace the attraction game, I recommend this program called Kinetic Attraction because if offers a controversial technique that makes ANY woman want to approach you and be close to you. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Now let’s change your perspective on flirting with hot women in order to actually create the intimacy you crave.

Don’t act inferior

Now is not the time to be humble. If you go to her and say “I know I probably don’t stand a chance, but…” you will certainly miss your chance. Because women (and all human beings actually) tend to look for the better option. And if you don’t believe you’re a good catch, then why would she believe that?

Instead, try to act naturally around her. Look her in the eyes with no shame and even smile at times, then look away. She’ll probably ask herself if she has anything to do with that genuine smile of yours.

Don’t pretend to bump into her – confront her directly

Come on, it’s not college anymore. Don’t pretend you bump into her on your way to the bar because she’ll just roll her eyes at you. Women adore men who are confident enough to take responsibility for their own acts and desires. Plus, gorgeous women are probably so tired of these old “pick-up” tricks: bumping into them, “Do I know you from somewhere?” creepy question, accidentally touching them etc. Don’t be afraid to show your interest and fully commit to it. I noticed that most men tend to talk to each other (and even to women) at angles to avoid confrontation, while women face each other directly and maintain eye contact. Do the same thing to subconsciously open that attraction gate.

Give her a “healthy” handshake

OK, maybe a good handshake isn’t going to get you in her bed, but a bad one can certainly ruin everything. You may not know that hands are packed with tactile nerves and studies have shown that people with weak handshakes were perceived as shy and neurotic. So when you introduce yourself, give her a firm grasp (without crushing her bones). If she responds with a firm handshake as well, it means you have her attention.

Allure her with your voice

It has been shown that attractive women like deep-voiced men because it suggests high testosterone levels, confidence, strength and reproductive skills. To make your voice sound deeper, push out air with your diaphragm, not your throat. This process lengthens the column of air moving past your vocal cords, giving your voice that irresistible sex-appeal.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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