Body parts she wants you to touch

Body parts she wants you to touch

I know very well which female body parts you guys most frequently like to explore, but there is more to your partner than a vagina, breast and butt. The largest amount of nerve endings may be packed into those areas, but a woman has pleasure sensors all over her body, and getting her in the mood may be as easy as stimulating some of these often-neglected, less-obvious spots. Incorporating touching these places into foreplay and sex, or just giving her some pleasure after a long day, will definitely earn you some brownie points. Here are the areas she most definitely dreams you showered with a little extra attention tonight.

1. The underside of her butt. The place where her thigh turns into her butt is for more than showing off under the hem of those denim booty shorts she thought were so hot circa 2007. It’s a nerve-rich area, too, and stimulating it can make for sexy foreplay. Instead of diving straight for her clitoris and give her oral, for example, you can trace one finger along it, or try light kisses or licks and then work your way to vulva territory.

2. The underboob. Cleavage is the star of many an outfit, and nipples are endlessly pinched, licked, and sucked, but the underboob goes all but unnoticed. It doesn’t have to be this way. A single finger here can feel amazing. You can also lick this area with a long stroke or in a circular motion. The skin here is super sensitive and receptive to stimulation, and what’s more, it’s so close to two tried-and-true classic erogenous zones — her nipples — that they may perk up, too.

3. The backs of her knees. Another overlooked and nerve-rich area, the backs of her knees might also benefit from some touching, kissing, or licking — or even stimulation from a vibrator if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. To up the stakes, drag a tiny pinwheel designed for sensation play, an ice cube, or a tickler from the back of her knee up her body to her more “traditional” erogenous zones. The slower you go, the more anticipation will build. This trick is taken from my latest program – Naked U Season 3 – Click here to receive much more information on how to make a girl so wet she’ll be the one begging you for sweet carnal release.

4. The inner elbows. I recommend light kisses and strokes on the thin skin here. This might feel divine to some, so-so to others, and ticklish to a few, but it’s worth finding out which camp you’re dealing with.

5. The labia. Yes, her labia are hard to miss, but they’re still often ignored. You wouldn’t think of labia as being overlooked, but so many people tend to go straight for the clitoris. Before you do that, though, try teasing the labia to increase excitement. Slowly slide your finger from top to bottom, without parting the lips, then keep going up and down, gradually increasing your pressure until you start to feel your finger slip inside. You can find this spicy technique, plus many more from the same family, in my newest program – Naked U Season 3. Check it out by clicking this link.

6. The anus. More and more people are opening up to the joys of anal play, but I’d say it’s still a pretty overlooked spot. The key with anal play is to start slow: There are so many ways to enjoy this area other than penetrative sex. Check out the magical world of butt plugs (there’s a size and style for every body), experiment with fingers and mouths, and don’t forget the lube. A great way to start is to apply a tiny bit of pressure to the outside of her anus with one lubed-up finger, as you’re going down on her or fingering her.

7. The back of her neck. This is an especially sexy spot, and your partner doesn’t have to be undressed for you to access it. People pay a good amount of attention to the front and sides of the neck, but tend to forget about the back. Flip your partner over onto her belly, pull her hair up, and kiss along her hairline. Then, you can work your way down to the underside of her butt and the backs of her knees — you’re making up for all the times you forgot how good you can make her feel.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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